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20 Aug

We are happy to learn that researchers have been studying ways to address the mental and emotional health of those who parent children with special needs. According to proponents of those studies, until recently, most programs and resources have been dedicated to sharpening parenting skills, rather than recognizing that special needs parents have unattended mental and emotional health issues related to caring for their children.

We hear from parents of children with special needs when they call to ask about audio programs for their children, and they frequently select titles for themselves.

Sleep is a major issue among many of the special needs parents with whom we communicate. Some parents say that when they do get time to sleep, they are too keyed-up, worried or just plain burned-out to get restorative sleep. I recently spoke to a woman who called to order Magic Island, by Betty Mehling, to be sent to one of the mothers in her support group. She had ordered it for her son, who has cerebral palsy. He liked it so much that she decided to share it.

19 Aug

Dear BR,

I suffer from M.S. and get therapeutic massage once or twice a month to help with muscle spasm and general mental health. I also enjoy listening to your imagery at the end of the day.
What do you think of my bringing my tape to the massage sessions? Do you think that would bring double-benefits?  Or should I leave them separate?  As it is, I am getting a lot out of each experience.

Fred B. from Milwaukee

18 Aug

I feel a rant coming on.  

I’ve been catching some of the commentary on traditional news outlets and social media over the tragic death of big-hearted, super-talented actor-comedian Robin Williams. It seems pretty obvious he was a great guy and a dazzling talent.  I feel for his family and friends.  It’s horrible to be left by suicide, especially when you haven’t been consulted. (I know that might sound flippant, but I mean it.)
There’s a lot of confused and simplistic messaging flying around about depression, suicide, celebrity and being a professional comic – now throw in Parkinson’s – and, much as I’m reluctant to add to this overfull conversation, I think I’ve gotta pipe up.
Robin Williams had bipolar illness. (We used to call it manic-depressive disorder). And that’s one very tough condition to manage.

Sure, he had the standard demons.  All the stuff people are writing is no doubt true.  He had the usual troubles from celebrity and fame.  He was never secure with “steady” work.  He needed to please people and make them happy, probably to his detriment.  He struggled with various addictions, probably connected to self-medicating his mood swings. He was worried about having Parkinson’s.
But the guy was bipolar.  And that defines the problem and trumps all of the above, which are no doubt contributing factors, but not the main event.

11 Aug

I’m really looking forward to speaking at University Hospitals’ 3rd annual Heal the Healer Symposium on October 10, at Signature of Solon, Ohio.  Regina Brett will kick off this fabulous day with her keynote, “The Miracle Starts with You”…
You can expect a healthy and delicious breakfast and lunch, some therapeutic yoga, music therapy, acupuncture, chair massage, Reiki, tips on maintaining healthy muscle tone life long from Robert Truax DO, some important info about substance abuse among health care professionals from Ray Isackila, LPCC, and Peter Geller LAc, LOMP, will be talking about integrating Chinese Herbal Medicine into a traditional practice.
My talk will be about how to use “Guided Imagery for Maintaining Passion, Commitment, Energy & Health”, and, of course, there will be a demo guided journey for everyone – at least one.

To register for this unique day of self-care (and learning to better care for those in your charge by using yourself as the guinea pig), you can call 216-488-4757 or go to the website at

11 Aug

I am wondering whether the "Alcohol and Other Drugs" imagery might be appropriate for me to use for help with an eating disorder, since it can also be an addictive behavior.  I'd be grateful if someone could send their opinion on this - thanks!


07 Aug
by in News

Hi, everyone!

We are often asked what is exactly the legal and proper use of our downloads by our professional members.  At times, we are also asked this by our general consumers.  I’m here to share the nitty gritty details, as well as offer a few ideas.

First, it should be noted that the license associated with these audios is for an individual.  What this means is, when you download one of our audios, you are free to use this on your pc, laptop, tablet, mp3 player, phone or even to burn a blank CD for yourself.  Many people make use of all of these media methods and hardware (I know I do!). 

These downloads are great for use in the clinical setting when playing them for your client during a therapy session, or to offer a sample listen while a patient is with you.  They are even great for playing in a group session!  Those of you who have seen Belleruth live know what I’m talking about, and how simply powerful that use can be.

Now, that being said, it’s important to note that the following actions are completely illegal and against the copyright:

  • Burning a blank CD of the downloaded audio tracks and giving it to someone else for their use.
  • Forwarding a digital copy of the audio to someone else for their use – this can be via email, cloud storage, USB drives, etc.
  • Loading the audio on ANY peer-to-peer network, and sharing same with others.
  • Loading the audio on to your personal YouTube, Vimeo, etc. channels – or any web-based host where others have access.
  • Using the audio in any form on any closed-circuit audio or visual host in a physician’s or therapist’s office, hospital rooms, and the like.

Ultimately, if you have a question about the use of our audios – please give us a call to ask. The financial and time investment made to produce these audios is enormous.  Please help us to keep these great works at a reasonable price to you.

Oh, I almost forgot!  If you join our professional program via the online portal, you can ALWAYS gift a download to your patient or client for 10 percent off the regular rate.  The online application, where you choose your own login and password can be found here:

Feel free to contact me anytime about this issue. Thank you for referencing our authors’ names when playing their work publicly – and thank you for continuing to be the backbone of the Health Journeys family.  Talk to you soon!


(P.S. these rules hold true even if you purchase our audios from iTunes or Google Play – thanks!)

05 Aug

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”— Nelson Mandela

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the country’s schools and colleges will welcome record numbers of students this year. In 2012, Americans spent $8.5 billion on school clothes and supplies in August. Wow.

When I was a kid, summer ended abruptly with the arrival of the school bus. Back-to-school meant September, post-Labor Day, the end of summer and the beginning of early mornings, long walks to the school bus and nightly homework. The words literally meant going back to school. There was no big push in August to buy new clothes and supplies.

When my kids were growing up, ‘back to school’ became more of a concept. It meant making oneself or ones children ready for the educational experience, physically, mentally and emotionally. The first day of school came before Labor Day and the pressure to prepare early in August gained momentum.

04 Aug

Hello again.  

Well, I wanted to give you a heads up that we’re about to merge our two blogs into one.  Right now we’ve got two.  This is part of our continuing quest for the holy grail of integration and coherence, folks!

We have the blog I’ve been writing, basically since 1997, when one of my kids built me a website for my birthday, with 4 pages that changed each week . That content is housed here at As you can imagine, the archives are enormous – that’s 17.5 years of weekly updates, Q & A’s, mind-body research abstracts and inspiring stories.  

You can see all of our quaint, early iterations on the Wayback Machine.

And then there’s our spiffy, new, extremely good-looking, well-designed and beautifully written Health Journeys blog over at with lots of culled information and reader-friendly articles.

04 Aug

Dear Belleruth,

I am looking for GI [Guided Imagery] for a friend who has completed initial chemo for leukemia, but now needs help restoring a healthy WBC [white blood count] - her count is too low to do another chemo round, or to leave the hospital.

From the samples I listened to, the "Fighting Cancer" GI doesn't seem quite right for her now, nor the "Healthy Immune System" GI  (which seemed to focus more on eliminating viruses & mobilizing fighter WBC).

She needs to grow new & more WBC -- that are healthy, and in correct proportion. I think maybe the "General Wellness" GI would be best -- because I know healing is optimized in deep relaxation states.

Do you have any specific recommends for her situation?

After she has recovered enough, she will be undergoing a bone marrow transplant & I see you have a GI specifically for that -- (which is great, but I think it's too soon for that.

ALSO, another question: I want to send her an mp3 but not sure how to do that -- can I purchase it but have it sent to her email? It would be easier for her to use an mp3 (rather than a CD) in the hospital. Thank you for your help.

30 Jul

From players in PeeWee Football and T-ball games to those in college and professional leagues, athletes are making the transition from playing for fun to playing for real.
Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we are holding fast to summer, hoping it lingers for a long while. Perhaps our desire for an endless summer is fueled by what seemed like an endless winter not so long ago.

Though we might be lucky enough to enjoy warm weather a little longer, we can’t delay the onset of many pre-fall events, the first yellow leaf that floats down from a tree, the last free summer concert in the park and that favorite end-of-summer event—training camp.


29 Jul

Hi, Belleruth,

I was molested starting at one month by my grandfather and two friends…first orally then other ways as time went on.

At age seven I was raped on vacations in the summer by my Grandfather until I got my period.

I always had memories and dreams that clued me something had happened, but then at age fifty I saw the first molestation and over the years I saw and re-experienced more and more.
Over the last forty five years I have done therapy, a few years of meds. Yoga meditation, inner child work therapy,  guided meditation, de-traumatizing body work, many years of rebirthing, some EMDR, processing support group,  and just talking with friends..

These past years I have returned to meditation and Yoga and faith for stabilization.

Everything has helped a lot.

28 Jul

Hello again.

Here are some more thoughts about how and when to use guided imagery as part of a therapy session.  

Most of these ideas are in my last book, Invisible Heroes, in Chapter 10 - General Guided Imagery Wisdom and Tactics.  I threw pretty much every clinical tip I could think of into that chapter, in hopes I would have the good sense never to write another book again.  (So far, so good – I’ve done chapters, articles and forwards to other people’s books, and a bunch of new guided imagery audios, but there have been no more 2-year-long book writing opuses for this traveling Grandma…)

These thoughts address some of the questions we get pretty regularly from therapists, counselors, clergy, holistic health practitioners and health care professionals who are interested in using imagery with their people:

Sometimes, if a client is uncomfortable generating or accessing his or her own images, but clearly could use an imagery experience just the same - perhaps they’re anxious or stressed out and need help settling down; or maybe they’re blocked - possibly unclear about what it is they’re feeling and can’t access it some added help… then you might offer some structure to them in the session, providing a platform that allows them to go inward and get informed about what’s happening in there.