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12 Nov


We’re well into Winter Blues Time, in some cases known as SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), with less daylight and sunlight available. Some people are hit hard by this change in light supply.  Others only mildly. 

12 Nov

Hi, Belleruth,

For many years I have suffered from panic disorder and PTSD, as well as sleepless nights, anxiety and depression. All these conditions get worse with the approaching holiday season.

05 Nov

Dear BR,

What CDs would you suggest for a 12-year-old, young woman with chronic daily headache, NON migraine type? She is NOT an "anxious" or "high strung" young lady. She is very bright & musically very talented. She has had a complete and thorough neuro workup, and is currently on a medication regimen. On better days, the best case is a constant, low level headache. The flare-ups can last 6-8 wks. w/ intense, disabling pain.

05 Nov

In my experience, there are few things quite as unpleasant and demoralizing as having a headache. Some people are positively plagued and hounded by them.

Yet, most of the time the cause for that headache is simple tension and spasm in the muscles of the neck and scalp, and in the muscles circling the blood vessels in the head.

29 Oct


It makes sense that guided imagery and hypnosis would be a go-to intervention of the first order for TMJ disorders, which can go from mere unpleasantness all the way to serious debilitation.

After all, we’re talking about muscle tension, pain, swelling, tightness, aches and general discomfort around the jaw, ears, face, head and neck.

22 Oct


By 1975, a now classic University of Chicago study was in place at the Illinois Bell Telephone Company. It asked the question, who stays well and does well, in spite of high levels of stress.

To answer the question, they began following 430 supervisors, managers and executives, each year collecting questionnaires, psychological tests, interview data, performance evaluations and medical exams.

09 Oct

Anyone who’s ever worked in an office or served on a large, longstanding committee probably knows this scenario – when you find yourself getting overly aggravated, disrupted or distracted by an angry, dysfunctional fellow worker.  

Check out this excellent advice from psychotherapist Phillip Chard, who suggests guided imagery.  When having a reasonable conversation isn’t an option, going inward with guided imagery is the way to go:

08 Oct

Oh, the Things that Drive Us Nuts at Work!

What drives us crazy at work and keeps us from being our brilliant, productive selves there?

The answers haven’t changed much over the years: sheer workload, killer deadlines, feeling undervalued, having to do dumb work, or other peoples’ work, or work that goes wasted.

01 Oct

Dr. Traci Stein has been creating exceptional audios for Health Journeys for 8 years now, and for good reason - she is a mindfulness maven and master of behavioral change.  This week on the blog, she shares some of her favorite tips for taking better care of yourself this time of year. 

24 Sep

Dear BR,

I have been listening to a particular meditation/guided imagery CD for several months and wanted to try another. I found yours "Meditation to Help You Fight Cancer" - I have a breast cancer recurrence and ordered a copy. Unfortunately, I find I can't concentrate on it. My mind keeps wandering away; that doesn't happen with the other CD. I have tried to determine what is the problem; and the best I can come up with is the music is too upbeat to be relaxing for me, and there aren't enough pauses, or they aren't long enough. It's also true that the music is too loud and overpowers the voice. Part of the spoken message also speaks of "creating energy" when, in fact, what I want is to relax and be calm, not more energized.

17 Sep

Is there any chance that you will be producing a CD in the not-too-distant future concerning overcoming phobias?

17 Sep


For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure, I’m delighted – no, tickled pink! (one of my mother’s favorite phrases) - to introduce one of our top content providers, a brilliant practitioner who adds two new titles to her growing library of Health Journeys titles.

This is, of course, Boston based health psychologist, hypnosis expert, Harvard affiliated researcher, and globe-trotting mind-body consultant, Carol Ginandes PhD.