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19 Oct

We therapists have a pronounced uptick in office visits right around now. It’s the start of wintertime blues or SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), when there’s less daylight and sunlight available. 

19 Oct

I just left a toxic work environment, and I feel like I've been fighting a war. Can the resources for PTSD help me?

02 Oct

Can you recommend guided imagery for my daughter, who is anxious and frightened over upcoming surgery?

02 Oct

A pilot study in the American Journal of Maternal & Child Nursing investigated whether guided imagery could help a kid undergoing MRI . . .

27 Sep

I’m nervous about testifying  in a divorce court hearing. Could guided imagery help me? . . .

25 Sep

“The Only Thing that is Constant is Change”—Heraclitus
The leaves are changing colors, the weather is changing, our attitudes, moods and cells are changing. . .

18 Sep

What can be done to prevent spouses from 'getting lost' in a partner’s posttraumatic stress?. . . 

18 Sep

My friend Doug told his doctor about his disappointment with their last visit, when this physician never looked him in the eye….

11 Sep

Will Health Journeys' Chemotherapy guided imagery work as well for people being treated with immunotherapy?

11 Sep

If someone tells you that visualizing minimal damage to your house will make you feel better during a hurricane, don't believe it...

06 Sep

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, your cancer guided imagery was my life line. I used to read research articles on your website. Can't seem to find them. . .

05 Sep

More veterans will have access to guided imagery, meditation and other powerful, portable mind-body interventions, as of August 8, 2017….