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27 Mar


The central insult of posttraumatic stress is the sense of helplessness it engenders. Powerlessness is the thread that runs through every traumatized response, whether it’s from a car accident, family violence, a hurricane, or a school massacre…

19 Mar


A woman worried about losing her job as a result of her company’s getting acquired, says she’s also worried that her worrying “could manifest the very events I’m worried about”, and asks for resources……

16 Mar


This week, the awesome clinical social worker and hypnotherapist, Roberta Shapiro MEd, LCSW, author of our newly released, hot off the presses, Positive Parenting meditations, designed to becalm even the most benighted mom or dad, offers 5 potent tips for upping your parent game. Read on!   

12 Mar

Actually, they’re still where they’ve always been, but the tab disappeared when we changed web platforms… Sorry!  Our error. They’re coming back, and here’s the link in the meantime….  
12 Mar

As you may have noticed, the Health Journeys label has been expanding its list of authors and practitioners. One category I’ve been eager to expand is mind-body tools for anxiety.

02 Mar

Master hypnotherapist, guided imagery pioneer, math and physics nerd, player of multiple musical instruments, super-athlete, and all-round polymath, Emmett Miller MD, is a man of many parts. A lot of these parts don’t normally coexist within one person.

26 Feb

A man asks Belleruth for insight on how guided imagery could reduce dependency on painkillers.
26 Feb

We had the best time re-engineering and re-mixing Emmett Miller’s superb hypnotic guided imagery for Relieving Pain.  I can’t wait for you to hear it!  
19 Feb

A pastor asks Belleruth about guided imagery and other healing techniques that can help their community cope after a school shooting.
16 Feb

Help yourself to The Lazy Man’s or Woman’s Sampler of the Latest Mind-Body Research, all pre-chewed and digested for busy people, and then slenderized into a mere sentence or two, with a citation if you want to learn more.

12 Feb

A therapist asks Belleruth about guided imagery for 2 different populations she works with: parents who lost a baby within the first year of life; and women who’ve survived childhood sexual abuse.

10 Feb

Most of us have other words for intuitive insights, such as hunches, vibes, and gut feelings. Some people describe these experiences as psychic and others shy away from the term.