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10 Mar


Dear Belleruth,

I'm feeling anxious about the economy, worrying about losing my job, etc. etc.  I don't want to dwell on this, as I believe that my thoughts could manifest the very events I'm worrying about.

Any tools, affirmations, guided imagery to help with this?  


07 Oct


This is not a question but a thank you. Your Weight Loss affirmations have been powerful for me. Not even especially for weight loss, but for encouraging a positive approach to life and for helping me let go of the negative energy that I know consumes me sometimes. And, as a musician, I appreciate how the music builds and resolves at critical moments, underscoring the message. The first time I heard ‘ . . the time for reinjuring myself by remembering old wounds is over’ I felt like I'd been hit between the eyes. I repeat it to everyone who needs to hear it (giving you credit, of course). While I still struggle, I hope I am improving ‘more and more’ on my emotional journey. Thank you for helping to guide my way.


04 Jan

Dear BR,
I received your first cassette when I was undergoing chemo for breast cancer.  The chemo nurse gave it to me.  I loved it, especially the guided imagery part.  I also used your surgery tape and I breezed thru the operation.  Then I bought other CDs, but found them repetitive and the imagery very similar, no matter what the topic.  I myself have been using affirmations and teaching meditation for 30 years. 

14 Mar

We got this wonderful email from our own Lynne Newman, who sees magic and meaning wherever she goes. She snapped this shot of the sky a couple of weeks ago..