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BR Gets Drubbing from Irate Hypnotherapist

22 Mar


While I think your items are helpful, I really think it is unfair that you barely give the profession of hypnosis any acknowledgment when that is what "guided imagery" is.  You should tell it like it is and give credit to the profession.

 Dear Janny,
I confess to being baffled by your comment.  Although this website started out years ago as a guided imagery site that featured only my work at first, it then expanded over the years into a mind-body site that featured many experiential methods and practitioners, including hypnosis, breathwork, meditation, acupressure, music therapy, biofeedback, yoga, tai chi, and much more. 

 If you check our archives, you'll find hundreds of research articles, Q & A's and inspiring stories on hypnosis, as well as many products by talented, proficient hypnotherapists.

Additionally, I would say that hypnosis, is not a profession, but rather a technique that's used by several professions: nurses, counselors, doctors, social workers, psychologists, pastors, dentists, massotherapists, etc etc).

I agree that guided imagery is a kind of hypnosis, closer to the Ericksonian variety than the more traditional protocols. 

If anybody has something to add about the way they see the differences between hypnosis and imagery, I’d welcome the discussion!