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In Search of More Guided Imagery for Narcotics and Alcohol Addiction

13 Oct

First, I would like to express my appreciation for the wonderful cd's that I have received and listen to daily. My question is that I was wondering if you have any cd's on narcotics addiction other than the one on Alcohol & Other Drugs.  It is very good, but I am looking for something more specific.

I also would like to know if you had a guided meditation that would only run for 14 to 18 minutes, so that it could be used in a guided meditation meeting format. Any help would be appreciated as I currently use non-specific cd's that I purchased fron Health Journeys. 

Thank you for listening.


Hello, Charles.

Thanks very much for the feedback.

We currently don't have anything else from Health Journeys for narcotics addiction, I'm sorry to say…. just that one.  In fact, if you or anyone else know of any good resources, we’d love to check them out for our catalog. We keep looking for high quality materials.

Now, Charles and Patti Leviton have created some really fine imagery to support recovery, called Inner Peace, Outward Power: Guided Imagery to Use with the 12 Steps to Sobriety.  As a persnickety audio producer, I wasn't wild about the production quality, but I thought the imagery was totally first-rate. 

Charles LevitonAgain, this is general, recovery imagery, not specific to narcotics, but it’s geared to each of the twelve steps, and I suspect you and your group will find it very helpful.  And if I recall correctly, these tracks would also fulfill your 14-18 minute time constraints.  I should also note that Chuck has a really nice, relaxing, calming, trustworthy voice. You can find this audio at  Synergy Seminars in Palm Springs, CA at 888.791.6329, or by clicking here.
All best,

Belleruth Naparstek

Psychotherapist, author and guided imagery pioneer Belleruth Naparstek is the creator of the popular Health Journeys guided imagery audio series. Her latest book on imagery and posttraumatic stress, Invisible Heroes: Survivors of Trauma and How They Heal (Bantam Dell), won the Spirituality & Health Top 50 Books Award