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02 Oct

Can you recommend guided imagery for my daughter, who is anxious and frightened over upcoming surgery?

27 Sep

I’m nervous about testifying  in a divorce court hearing. Could guided imagery help me? . . .

18 Sep

What can be done to prevent spouses from 'getting lost' in a partner’s posttraumatic stress?. . . 

11 Sep

Will Health Journeys' Chemotherapy guided imagery work as well for people being treated with immunotherapy?

06 Sep

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, your cancer guided imagery was my life line. I used to read research articles on your website. Can't seem to find them. . .

28 Aug

Dear Belleruth,
Our 7-year-old daughter has been suffering from night terrors for years. She sometimes has 3 or 4 in one night and they can last for an hour or two. . . 

21 Aug

Dear Belleruth,

I'm confused. I know you need earphones to listen to some guided imagery programs, but I don't know which ones require them. Can you help?

14 Aug

My 12-year-old grandson is suffering from insomnia. When he closes his eyes, he sees very scary images, feels a lot of anxiety and stays awake most of the night. . .

09 Aug

Dear Belleruth,
My eight-year-old daughter is currently experiencing anxiety about being separated from me. She is anxious about school. She sometimes gets so upset that she gets physically sick, vomits, gets headaches, stomach aches, etc.

I am at a loss as to what would be best for her….

03 Aug

How do I get the guided imagery for PTSD that has the military-friendly language that Soldiers can relate to – you played it for the docs at the U of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine…