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30 Sep


I am an EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapist.  I am thinking that using alternating bilateral stimulation during the guided imagery would intensify the positive effect.  Do you have any anecdotal clinical experience or research to support this idea?

Roger P.

23 Sep

We got this great question from K. after she read about all the state National Guards using guided imagery for returning service members. She asks about using guided imagery preventively. Here is her question:  

Just read your article re various state National Guards ordering your CD's for their national guardsmen and women returning from service. I have a National Guard friend who is preparing to ship out in December.

Would listening to the CD's you mentioned help to prevent build up of stress while serving? Or would you suggest other CD titles to help processing of stressful events as they occur?

16 Sep

A while ago we got this question from a concerned husband, whose wife has a condition that makes it hard to breathe. She can’t do the usual relaxation preliminaries:
Dear BR,

Many of your guided imagery meditations have to do with breathing.  What if people suffer from a disease where they have trouble breathing, or are even using oxygen?  What do they do then?  This is the case with my wife.

Ralph P.

Dear Ralph,

Thanks for asking.  You’re absolutely right that for someone who is having difficulty breathing, directions to “take a nice, deep, full, cleansing breath” are not merely pointless, but downright annoying, not to mention distressing and anxiety-producing.

That’s why on our Asthma imagery, we have the listener place his or her hands on the chest and focus on the sensation of the warmth from the hands permeating the lungs and soothing them.  A device like touch can substitute for the healing, relaxing, grounding effects of conscious breathing. In general, that would be my first choice.
It could be her own hands or perhaps even better, yours, gently sending warmth into her shoulders or back. So you’d be making that substitution – the sensation of nourishing warmth from the hands permeating her body, instead of the warmth of the breath.
Another approach is to take the focus off the breathing altogether, as for some people the very idea of breathing is too closely associated with discomfort, and instead to just go directly to a favorite place or to imagine healing occurring on the cellular or energetic level, or in some other abstract way.
Some of these generic, nonspecific images are incorporated into some of the affirmations we use.  For instance:  “I can see and feel a powerful blue-green wave of healing, washing through me from head to toe, clearing away any unwanted debris and taking it out with the tide.

Or another:  “I can see and feel a warm, pulsing, glowing blanket of magical comfort surrounding me, enveloping me with peace and safety, soaking its energy into me.”

I hope this helps.  My best to you and your wife.


09 Sep

Jamie, a frustrated Mom, writes:
My only child (daughter) is a spirited, high-energy (redundant), non-sleeper, who feels she will miss out on something Mommy & Daddy get to do when she sleeps. I have no down time.  Nothing that I've tried seems to work to get her to go down at night.  HELP. Thanks for your suggestions…..

Dr. Yvonne Arquette, a child psychologist who read the question, answers:
How old is your daughter, Jamie? All things being equal, it sounds to me like some loving but firm limits are in order.
As a child psychologist, I see this all the time.  Parents are reluctant to cause unhappiness and feel that their job is to gratify their child's wishes, even when they aren't realistic.
All this does is create disappointment for the child later on when they discover that the rest of the world doesn't feel the same way about their wishes.
So I think you're going to have to nip this one in the bud and tolerate the anxiety and upset that this causes inside of YOU when she hollers and screams and yells "NO FAIR!!!!!".

02 Sep

Your guided imagery tape is wonderful and helps me to keep things in perspective. I am a lesbian and I spent almost ten years with a professional and dedicated teacher. Unfortunately she developed some serious alcohol and substance abuse issues over time. She is in strong denial that these things interfere in her life in any way.

We are no longer together, and I was strongly encouraging her to seek help when she abruptly moved out. She refuses to accept any responsibility for that part of her life or for the pain and heartbreak created by her decisions.

Currently she is living with someone who has had a life-long addiction problem. Even though I don't want to allow yesterday to impede my own progress today, it has been difficult to let this go and place it with my higher power.


26 Aug

Dear Belleruth,

I am 120 lbs. overweight.  I have been accepted for the lap band procedure to help me lose weight. I got right up to the date and canceled. Why? Fear! Since I am 65 yrs. old (or young!) and happily married for 46 years, I have a lot of baggage and probably my fears stem from low self-esteem. This started when I was a child of a 43 yr-old mom -- who was stoic and stern and did not believe in "spoiling" a child.

However, she was always supportive about keeping me at a "normal" weight. After marriage, however, I just started to plump up to 180 after my first two pregnancies and then up to 240 before my 3rd child.
Because of my weight, I have disabling arthritis and fibromyalgia and sleep apnea. I know that weight loss could greatly reduce these infirmities and yet, I always manage to sabotage every opportunity to succeed.
Of course, my career followed the same course. Why can't I get past these goblins? I hate myself for my weaknesses.


19 Aug

Dear BR,

I suffer from M.S. and get therapeutic massage once or twice a month to help with muscle spasm and general mental health. I also enjoy listening to your imagery at the end of the day.
What do you think of my bringing my tape to the massage sessions? Do you think that would bring double-benefits?  Or should I leave them separate?  As it is, I am getting a lot out of each experience.

Fred B. from Milwaukee

11 Aug

I am wondering whether the "Alcohol and Other Drugs" imagery might be appropriate for me to use for help with an eating disorder, since it can also be an addictive behavior.  I'd be grateful if someone could send their opinion on this - thanks!


04 Aug

Dear Belleruth,

I am looking for GI [Guided Imagery] for a friend who has completed initial chemo for leukemia, but now needs help restoring a healthy WBC [white blood count] - her count is too low to do another chemo round, or to leave the hospital.

From the samples I listened to, the "Fighting Cancer" GI doesn't seem quite right for her now, nor the "Healthy Immune System" GI  (which seemed to focus more on eliminating viruses & mobilizing fighter WBC).

She needs to grow new & more WBC -- that are healthy, and in correct proportion. I think maybe the "General Wellness" GI would be best -- because I know healing is optimized in deep relaxation states.

Do you have any specific recommends for her situation?

After she has recovered enough, she will be undergoing a bone marrow transplant & I see you have a GI specifically for that -- (which is great, but I think it's too soon for that.

ALSO, another question: I want to send her an mp3 but not sure how to do that -- can I purchase it but have it sent to her email? It would be easier for her to use an mp3 (rather than a CD) in the hospital. Thank you for your help.

29 Jul

Hi, Belleruth,

I was molested starting at one month by my grandfather and two friends…first orally then other ways as time went on.

At age seven I was raped on vacations in the summer by my Grandfather until I got my period.

I always had memories and dreams that clued me something had happened, but then at age fifty I saw the first molestation and over the years I saw and re-experienced more and more.
Over the last forty five years I have done therapy, a few years of meds. Yoga meditation, inner child work therapy,  guided meditation, de-traumatizing body work, many years of rebirthing, some EMDR, processing support group,  and just talking with friends..

These past years I have returned to meditation and Yoga and faith for stabilization.

Everything has helped a lot.