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21 Jul



I need guided imagery for elementary school students living in violence. The Invisible Heroes book looks wonderful, but does it have anything for trauma in children?

I am a counselor working in a large elementary school, and I need something that I can use with groups of children. Any suggestions?

Thank you,


14 Jul

Hello! I am a student physical therapist and am working at one of my clinical rotations right now. I have noticed several patients could benefit from guided imagery to help them relax. Do you have any short sessions, between 10-15 minutes? Patients will often have a hot or cold pack, etc for 10-15 minutes and I would love to try a guided imagery session at the same time, since we shut the lights off anyways to help promote relaxation. Thank you for your time.


07 Jul


First I wanted to say thank you for your work! I use your General Wellness, MS, Stress and Healthful Sleep cds frequently. My question has to do with anxiety. I am seeing a doc for meds, but I still have some breakthrough anxiety - especially, at stressful times and while menstruating.

I recently purchased the Panic Attacks cd, thinking the calming and feeling secure images would help. When I received it I started having second thoughts. Before I open it, would this be helpful to me? I saw that you do recommend the Stress cd to people with anxiety. Thank you


30 Jun


My therapist told me that I should only listen to the guided imagery with headphones, but I don't see that recommended anywhere here.

Is there a more powerful effect with headphones?

Also, if so, is the same true for the affirmations?

Thanks so much!


23 Jun

I'm very new to guided imagery. After listening to Healing Trauma for a couple of weeks, I find that my mind now "goes off" somewhere (sort of like right before falling asleep, but not sleeping).

I am aware that thoughts are flitting in and out but I can't remember what I was "thinking" about or otherwise doing. And I have no memory of anything said on the CD. This usually lasts for most of the entire CD.

I feel relaxed when I "awake" but am wondering if, because I don't remember hearing anything on the CD past the first few minutes, if I am missing the whole point or IS that the whole point? This doesn't happen when I just listen to the affirmations. Thank you for your answer.


16 Jun

My wife suffers from panic attacks, anxiety, depression, OCD and medical phobias. These issues have been going on for over a decade with no resolution in sight. The problems seemed to start just after a death in the family, and the anxiety just escalated from there until it turned into debilitating OCD, depression etc.

The largest obstacle to overcome seems to be the medical phobia. Because of this phobia, I can't get her to seek treatment, so one thing just escalates into another. At this point she barely speaks to people, doesn't watch television or read etc. This is because any word she associates with medicine sends her into an uncontrollable panic. The words don't have to be medical - she just has to be able to draw some sort of correlation – for instance, hospitality, sounds like hospital.

I've been researching healing with sound, music therapy and guided imagery. The one thing she will do is listen to music without words (since there aren't words to upset her).

Can you suggest anything that might help such an extreme case? She refuses treatment (because of her phobias) so I basically need something that will relax her and calm the fears without her thinking of it as treatment.

Basically, I need a stepping stone - something to get us past the first step so that maybe she'll eventually be more open to treatment, if only we can calm the medical phobia.

Do you have any CD's that might be appropriate? Or anything else? Thanks so much!

Harried Harry

09 Jun

BR, do you have an audio program available that can assist me with toxic self criticism and self acceptance? I didn't see anything on the website. Thanks.

N.W. (for Name Withheld)

02 Jun

Hello, Ms. Naparstek:

I have been listening to the Diabetes CD, having been diagnosed with Insulin Resistance/High Blood Sugar -- and you speak in the CD about opening the body and cells to sweetness and fully opening the body and cells to absorb glucose.

I am slightly puzzled, as I had been under the impression that there was too much glucose in my bloodstream -- and that, for whichever reason, the insulin receptors on the cells are burned out and not absorbing insulin, anymore. I must be wrong, but I am not sure how.

Is the diabetes CD still a good one to listen to for those of us with hyperinsulemia? Thank you so much.


26 May

Hi, Belleruth. I'm a psychotherapist, and I have quite a few of your guided imagery CD's that I use with my patients. But this question is personal... my 7 year old daughter has had stomach aches for years. We've had tests run from time to time, but all is well physically.

I would like to buy her a CD from your website to help her with her stomach aches. Most of the ones for kids seem to focus on relaxation. Perhaps that would be enough. I'm wondering which CD you would recommend for her.


19 May

Hi Belleruth,

I need help with antidepressant withdrawal. I've slowly withdrawn from Zoloft. This is my first week without any medication in my system whatsoever. I'm functioning fine, but feel 'out of kilter'...just discombobulated (is that a word?)

Truth told, I am already happier, feel more whole, and seem to have a pumped up libido, but these other sensations are confusing and unsettling. I'm trying to find the best of your imagery CD's from my arsenal, but am not sure what's best.

I'm wondering about the Alchol/Drug Recovery CD, and whether it might help me cope with the unpleasant side effects of withdrawal I might be feeling.

As I am somewhat anxious, I don't want to do anything that might reinforce my anxiousness in any way! I am sleeping fine, just feel less predictable somehow. Thanks,

Belleruth. You are welcome to use my letter on Health Journeys, please just post it anonymously.