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19 Apr


Is there a meditation tape that can successfully be used by someone who just can't meditate? I have tried many different ways to meditate - TM, breathing, visualization - and none of these seems to work for me.

Perhaps I don't have the patience. I really don't know what it is. I just know that I would like to be able to meditate, if only for a few minutes. Any suggestions? I would appreciate your input.



Dear Sheri,

This is such a great question!!! Do you know how many people ask this? I'm glad to have a chance to collect my thoughts for a decent answer.

Okay, so let me opine for a minute here...

12 Apr

We got this question from a savvy health care professional, asking for her friend, whose son was/is in a coma ever since suffering a traumatic motor cycle accident. 

We know that many people in comas actually do hear what’s going on in the room – we know this because they’ll recount chapter and verse of what was said, after emerging from their coma state.  So, this is a wonderful question to ask.  More and more people understand that playing healing audios at this time can be a very good idea.  

05 Apr

We got a really good technical question about how to most effectively use Traci Stein’s self-hypnosis audio, Healthy Weight & Body Image during Sleep – with headphones or without. We get this question a lot.

This time, I thought it would be a great opportunity to ask Traci herself, and hear what she has to say on this. Traci was happy to answer, so here she is. 

29 Mar

We got this query from a therapist looking for resources for ADHD. He didn't specify the age group he was working with, so we gave him a range of suggestions that covered all the bases. We also reminded him that recent research shows that any steady practice of mindfulness meditation has been found to help with this.

Dear Belleruth,

I am a clinical social worker in private practice. My question: do you offer a product that is specific for ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder).



22 Mar


Do you have guided imagery for weight loss and/or positive body image? Or can you recommend one?


Hello, Philomena.

Yes, absolutely. Best for weight loss, if I do say so myself, is our HJ Weight Loss imagery - it doubled weight loss in a controlled study at Canyon Ranch.

15 Mar


Dear Belleruth,

I have a new client who was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition about 10 years ago. He's determined not to let his disease own him and is doing everything to beat it. He decided to add Meditative Massage to his regimen of therapies. [Ed. Note:This is a program where the client's choice of a Health Journeys guided imagery audio is played during the massage – in this case he chose the guided imagery to help with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

While as much as he liked the topic, he admitted to having trouble focusing until it was almost over. We'll be working together soon and I'd like to help him get more out of his session next time. What would you suggest?

As always, thank you for all that you do.

Hannah, LMT

08 Mar

We got the perfect question from Mario, who wants to know which guided imagery to use for his problems with separation anxiety and attachment, and this gives BR an excuse to launch into her favorite topic of blankies, Teddy Bears & thumbs, and why guided imagery is a child's natural solution for finding autonomy from Mommy.


Hello Belleruth. I have just listened to your interview on Guy McPherson's Trauma Therapist Podcast. Fantastic!

I'm 31 years old and am planning to attend Social Work graduate school next year. I have been working with my own issues of anxious attachment, in therapy and meditation for quite some time.

01 Mar

A chemo patient likes the affirmations on the guided imagery program she listens to during her infusions, but wonders what is meant by the statement, "I know I can heal myself and live or I can heal myself and die: my physical condition is not an indication of my wholeness", and BR explains what she meant by it.


I have finally found the perfect affirmations for me, just one thing I am confused about In your Chemo disc, you say you can heal yourself and live or heal yourself and die......would you kindly explain what you mean by 'heal yourself and die'?

23 Feb

We got this query from the friend of a woman about to begin months of intensive chemotherapy. The friend who wrote felt she had benefited greatly from guided imagery during her own bout with cancer, so she wanted her friend to have the same experience. But her friend has severe hearing loss. She wondered how an audio intervention could possibly work.


First of all, thank you. When I went through chemotherapy, your meditation CDs were a lifesaver (or at least a sleep-saver). My oncology rehab program used them at the end of our exercise sessions, and after a few weeks, my brain was trained to get sleepy when I started the recording.

Now I have a friend about to enter intensive, months' long treatment, and I'd like her to have the same benefit. However, she has severe hearing loss, only hearing with the help of an implant -- and as a result, I suspect that something that is mostly auditory would not be relaxing for her.

16 Feb

We got this question from a Mom dealing with multiple stresses from all directions. She's a cancer survivor herself, with a disabled adult son who finds changes in routine difficult, and a husband probably facing bone marrow transplantation ....


Do you hve any materials for parents of children with disabilities? My adult son has a severe genetic disorder and his father is in chemo for multiple myeloma. The chemo appears to be working well at this point.

As you can imagine, my son is wonderful, but he cannot understand the implications or be part of a support system. As a bone marrow transplant becomes more and more a reality, I need to reassure him that things will be OK, but different.

My son has a chromosomal disorder. He is verbal, extremely intelligent, does basic math in his head, has an incredible memory and a dry sense of humor. He is the highest producing employee at his sheltered workshop and a joy to be with. Verbalizing feelings is very difficult for him, as are changes in routine.

I myself am a breast cancer survivor in my early 70's.

Thanks. Dorrie