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26 Feb

A man asks Belleruth for insight on how guided imagery could reduce dependency on painkillers.
19 Feb

A pastor asks Belleruth about guided imagery and other healing techniques that can help their community cope after a school shooting.
12 Feb

A therapist asks Belleruth about guided imagery for 2 different populations she works with: parents who lost a baby within the first year of life; and women who’ve survived childhood sexual abuse.

05 Feb

My question has to do with a man at work who is meant for me, I knew it from the first time I saw him. How do I share this knowledge with him and allow him to see what I see?

29 Jan

Health Journeys' Meditation to Help with Dialysis was researched and written with the help of patients and staff from the Center for Dialysis Care in Cleveland, OH, and it's used by DaVita and Fresenius dialysis centers.

11 Jan

I'm dealing with two things I want to change, and I don't have much time to spend listening to audio programs. Can you recommend guided imagery for both, and can I work on them at the same time?

04 Jan

Before my surgery, I was in a complete panic. My treatment team at Cancer Treatment Centers of America gave me your Successful Surgery CD, and it saved me. . .

06 Dec

What bits of wisdom or generalized instructions can you offer to parents and families who want to begin using guided imagery with their children?

30 Nov

I just learned that my dad, who has dementia, has been getting more and more agitated and sleepless at night. Got anything that might calm him?

15 Nov

A single mother of a 9-month-old is having a hard time containing her anger and frustration, while missing his father…