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04 Jan

Before my surgery, I was in a complete panic. My treatment team at Cancer Treatment Centers of America gave me your Successful Surgery CD, and it saved me. . .

06 Dec

What bits of wisdom or generalized instructions can you offer to parents and families who want to begin using guided imagery with their children?

30 Nov

I just learned that my dad, who has dementia, has been getting more and more agitated and sleepless at night. Got anything that might calm him?

15 Nov

A single mother of a 9-month-old is having a hard time containing her anger and frustration, while missing his father…

08 Nov

Dear Belleruth,
I’ll be leaving soon for Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, where I will be providing psychological treatment to our military personnel and their families. . .

02 Nov

A psychologist asks for help in choosing a program from among our selection of audios that target performance anxiety, to augment his work with a musician who suffers from near-paralyzing fear. . .

25 Oct

A childhood abuse survivor, who has improved listening to the same imagery each day, asks if she should try something new…

12 Oct

                 I just left a toxic work environment, and I feel like I've been fighting a war. Can the resources used for PTSD help me?

04 Oct

Can you recommend guided imagery for my daughter, who is anxious and frightened over upcoming surgery?

27 Sep

I’m nervous about testifying  in divorce court. Could guided imagery help me? . . .