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18 Jul

A man facing a colonoscopy is very anxious, from having had a bad experience as a child with having his tonsils out. He wants to know if there is any imagery he can use to help with this…
20 Jun

A dedicated young social worker at a dialysis center in Northern California wants to know our policy re: helping out with research projects testing the efficacy of guided imagery for her patients..
13 Jun

A woman finishes her course of surgery, chemo and radiation therapy for breast cancer, and found imagery very helpful. Now she wants to know what to do for the anxiety she feels about the cancer returning
31 May

A child of Holocaust survivors asks if imagery can help if she herself didn’t experience the traumas. She was in utero during this time, and she’s read that such babies are born with abnormal cortisol levels..
16 May

Someone asks how to best use guided imagery audios for waking up too early in the middle of the night, due to hyperarousal and hypervigilance from posttraumatic stress..
09 May

Cranky questions about having to fast-forward beyond annoying opening instructions on our tapes, causes BR to caution that soon we will not have cassettes to kick around any more..
25 Apr

BR gets a question about what is a holistic way to deal with chemotherapy, which feels so UN-holistic, from a woman who is uncomfortable knowing that the drugs are intended to poison and kill..
11 Apr

A question about the imagery for posttraumatic stress offers a chance to clarify how PTSD symptoms are the same, whether they’re from a tsunami, a car crash, rape, traumatic delivery, ICU stay, combat..
04 Apr

A disillusioned Vietnam vet with PTSD, who heard BR interviewed on New Dimensions Radio last week, expresses his disappointment and alarm at the commercial content of this website and asks BR about the "mercantilization of healing"..
28 Mar

A woman asks what imagery works best for the trauma of having given up a firstborn daughter for adoption and then, after having 2 more children, having 2 abortions, plus childhood trauma..