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21 Feb

A traumatized woman who has trouble concentrating wonders if imagery works for everyone, or if some people perhaps just cannot use it; she’s been using the trauma imagery and does not notice any difference..
04 Feb

A woman whose depressed adult daughter cannot tolerate antidepressants, asks what else her daughter might do to fight the enervation, hopelessness, negative self-talk, fatigue, impaired sleep, and misery she faces every day..
17 Jan

A cardiac nurse asks an interesting question about the way the left and right hemispheres of the brain work when it comes to lefties - are these functions reversed, she wants to know..
07 Jan

A worried husband asks (with a measure of skepticism) if there are any holistic methods that can help his wife with her obsessive compulsive symptoms (OCD), which she’s had since at least 1953..
03 Jan

A woman asks how/where to send a care package of guided imagery to help "inoculate" soldiers from acquiring posttraumatic stress by teaching them baseline self-soothing skills..
27 Dec

A clinician who wants to make imagery tapes for his patients asks BR what resources or research she uses to help her write/compose the her Health Journeys guided imagery..
13 Dec

A man recently diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, advancing at a moderate rate, wants to work with a practitioner of guided imagery to help boost his body’s ability to fight this condition
29 Nov

A nurse working full time asks about where she can find certification and training in various holistic modalities - imagery, massage, aroma therapy and energy healing - while continuing to work in her "day job"
22 Nov

A woman with a 25-year-old daughter with developmental disabilities wonders if the Self-Confidence audio can help her, given the fact that she may not comprehend some the sophisticated language in it..
15 Nov

My husband was hit by a drunk driver and his left leg was amputated at the hip. Any suggestions for an audio that would help with his phantom limb symptoms, like itching, coldness etc in the missing foot?