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01 Jun

Someone asks if there are any resources available to improve vision naturally and holistically, and BR suggests the work of Meir Schneider, one of the practitioners featured on ..
24 May

A woman asks how physiologically accurate her imagery needs to be in order to heal her physical condition, which involves impaired blood cells and a poorly functioning spleen. And will photos help?
17 May

An employer is baffled as she tries to get into our fabulous at-the-screen Healer App, What is she doing wrong, she asks BR. BR gives her the secret formula and all is well. ..
10 May

A seminary student asks about pointers for offering Christian-friendly contemplative meditation that would be better suited for people who score high on the "P" scale of the Meyers-Briggs scale..
03 May

Can guided imagery help a young man who’s developed a deadly form of staph infection while in the hospital, who is allergic to the few antibiotics that can fight this strain of bacteria?
26 Apr

Does looking at beautiful artwork help increase the effectiveness of guided imagery, or is it better to just close your eyes and experience your own, unique, inner images? Inquiring minds want to know..
19 Apr

A woman who feels she threatens others in her church community because of the way she has deepened spiritually and intuitively, wants to know where she can go to find community..
15 Mar

A woman asks what kinds of imagery can help her husband with fatigue, depression & anxiety as he undergoes a tough combination of chemo and biological therapy for metastatic melanoma in both lungs..
08 Mar

A 6-year-old boy had a seizure and is now in the hospital with brain damage. He does not recognize his family. What will help his brain injury to respond. PLEASE help!!
01 Mar

A woman who works with patients with Alzheimers and other types of dementia asks what can guided imagery do for this population, and what kind of music works best in this situation..