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30 Aug

A woman who runs an integrative medicine program for a community based hospital asks how to get reimbursement for imagery services, so her program can become more self-sustaining, given some new budget cuts..
16 Aug

A concerned nephew asks if guided imagery can help his beloved uncle, who struggles with bipolar illness (manic depressive disorder) and has episodes that wreak havoc on his life and get him off track for months..
09 Aug

A therapist asks BR what to tell clients who have never experienced any decent, safe or loving people in their lives, when the imagery asks them to imagine themselves surrounded by loving figures?
26 Jul

A woman with M.S. asks if there is anything else she can do to help manage her hand tremors, which interfere with her ability to write, use a keyboard, eat and button her clothes..
19 Jul

A woman feels she is somehow "supposed" to be with a man who was not honest with her. She cut off the relationship but feels they are meant to be together ..
12 Jul

A woman asks what imagery audios are best for her friend, about to undergo radiation and chemotherapy, and when it’s best to start ..BR’s answer takes into account people who deny their anxiety up ‘'til the last minute..
28 Jun

A health educator asks BR: I work in a non-profit wellness center where I lead group guided meditations. Mainly I just "wing-it". Where can I get certified in these skills?
21 Jun

Dear Belleruth,

Is it okay to alternate between two different Anger and Forgiveness one day and Depression the next, then back to Anger and Forgiveness? Would this pattern not be as effective?

Also, could one have a delayed effect/emotional response, say, an hour or two later after listening? Your Anger and Forgiveness tape has already impacted me in a very nice positive, holistic way. It is rather hard to articulate, but I definitely can tell a difference. Thank u for your work.


Frank S.

07 Jun

A woman asks if BR will ever make breast-enhancing imagery, after reading about a study in Chris Northup’s book. BR responds with a rant about the way women are made to feel critical of their perfectly fine bodies ..
01 Jun

Someone asks if there are any resources available to improve vision naturally and holistically, and BR suggests the work of Meir Schneider, one of the practitioners featured on ..