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27 Dec

A clinician who wants to make imagery tapes for his patients asks BR what resources or research she uses to help her write/compose the her Health Journeys guided imagery..
13 Dec

A man recently diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia, advancing at a moderate rate, wants to work with a practitioner of guided imagery to help boost his body’s ability to fight this condition
29 Nov

A nurse working full time asks about where she can find certification and training in various holistic modalities - imagery, massage, aroma therapy and energy healing - while continuing to work in her "day job"
22 Nov

A woman with a 25-year-old daughter with developmental disabilities wonders if the Self-Confidence audio can help her, given the fact that she may not comprehend some the sophisticated language in it..
15 Nov

My husband was hit by a drunk driver and his left leg was amputated at the hip. Any suggestions for an audio that would help with his phantom limb symptoms, like itching, coldness etc in the missing foot?
25 Oct

A childhood trauma survivor with all the classic symptoms of posttraumatic stress asks if she should engage in hypnosis or some other technique to uncover the specific memories of her abuse and her abuser..
04 Oct

A woman is looking to find a replication or approximation of a relaxation/self-hypnosis audio she lost, by a man named Matthew Cohn PhD., which she found extremely helpful in the past, during a very stressful time..
27 Sep

A therapist wonders if she should pursue her client’s ideas about past lives in her guided imagery therapy with her for chronic pain, trauma and anxiety, and BR provides a practical answer . . .
06 Sep

A Mom asks what imagery would help her daughter, who is trying to get pregnant again, but afraid she won’t be able to, after two painful disappointments with earlier pregnancies..
30 Aug

A woman who runs an integrative medicine program for a community based hospital asks how to get reimbursement for imagery services, so her program can become more self-sustaining, given some new budget cuts..