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19 Jan

Someone asks if there are any distance learning programs currently available for training in guided imagery, and BR says she knows of at least one in the works for the future..
12 Jan

Does looking at beautiful artwork help increase the effectiveness of guided imagery, or is it better to just close your eyes and experience your own, unique, inner images? Inquiring minds want to know..
29 Dec

A woman asks BR if her brother, "a real sweetheart" who has Downe’s Syndrome, can take advantage of guided imagery, or if getting him a CD will just frustrate him..
22 Dec

A cancer survivor who marks the anniversary of her diagnosis by making chemo care gift bags for cancer patients, asks if any drug companies give out Health Journeys CDs for free..
24 Nov

A woman asks what kind of guided imagery will help her to control her anger, and BR makes several suggestions about where she might start..
10 Nov

BR is asked about imagery that deals specifically with the fear of flying, that Alice can use before and during take-off, and BR spells out the step-by-step drill that overcomes this kind of anxiety…
27 Oct

A survivor of childhood sexual abuse is offended by BR’s offering the Persephone myth as a useful parallel for PTSD, and questions what on earth BR was thinking…
13 Oct

A nurse asks BR how progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) compares to guided imagery, if it’s as effective as imagery, and if combining it with imagery makes for a more powerful experience…
29 Sep

A physician asks what can be done for his wife, who suffers from severe tinnitus (ringing & buzzing in the ears) and is so depressed, she hardly leaves the house…
15 Sep

Greg M. asks BR for her opinion on EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), a new kind of trauma therapy that claims fast cures with little or no distress or recurrence…