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06 Sep

A woman wonders whether we have guided imagery for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), a challenging condition that she’s been dealing with for decades. She also asks for her eighteen-year-old son, who also suffers from OCD, anxiety, fears & phobias, etc.


Do you have a CD for OCD?

I suffer from it, as does my 18 year old son. Over the years, I have gotten relief through medication and CBT. [Ed. Note: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy], but I am always looking for additional tools. 

My son has had a more difficult time than I. He was less successful with CBT. I am especially interested in finding something for him. 

Thank you for whatever feedback you have for us.


30 Aug

Depending where you live, kids are gearing up to go back to school or already are in classes. No matter which case, we continue to get queries about what works best for anxious middle schoolers, distressed over the start of the school year and the thought of entering a larger, more complex and intimidating system. This "Ask Health Journeys" post should be a great resource for families with kids in this situation.

23 Aug

Hi Health Journeys,

Could you please, please, please do a program on meditation for teens? The only ones I can find have the most awful, phony voices. My daughter has been listening to you at bedtime for years. She loves your voice and music (as do I). 

But a lot of meditation, mindfulness and anxiety recordings I've found are either condescending, phony-sounding, or use vocabulary that's too sophisticated for a teen, so she ends up worrying about whether she understands it or not. 

Please - just a simple one for self-acceptance, letting go of what other people think about her and understanding life's complicated questions...

16 Aug

Dear Health Journeys,

I am interested in your audio program for Rheumatoid Arthritis or Lupus (SLE). I have Lupus but also several associated autoimmune syndromes.

However, while joint inflammation is sometimes present, it has mostly been more manageable than some of my other challenges, which are intense Sjogren's symptoms, malaise & achiness, flu-like feelings, sleep problems, night sweats, queasiness, rashes, fogginess, and times of depression and anxiety that spike with my disease activity.

I am interested in guided meditation that would emphasize a calming and balancing of the immune system as a whole, and for my mind, body and spirit.  Please let me know if you think your program would be suitable.

09 Aug

We got this question from a man suffering from CTE or Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, a degenerative brain disease connected with a history of multiple concussions. It’s recently been confirmed that football players and boxers get it a lot, and, sadly, CTE accounts for some sad life trajectories into violence and suicide.

02 Aug

We got an email from a woman asking what kind of guided meditation or mind-body intervention to get for her brother, who has a bad case of eczema. She thinks it’s exacerbated by stress. We definitely had some suggestions for her. 

Hello, Belleruth.

Do you have an audio or two to suggest for someone with severe eczema? I’m asking for my brother, who is 44. We both believe it is induced by stress, both the long and short term variety.

Thanks for any ideas you might have,

26 Jul

An adult survivor of childhood abuse wonders if guided imagery can help her, with her diagnosis of complex PTSD, layered over many years; and if so, which should she listen to, given the limitations of her budget. 

Read on as she tells her story and asks her question...

19 Jul

Talk about feeling vulnerable twice over! This question came from a woman who loses her speech in stressful situations, probably brought on by the death of her spouse. As I say in the reply, this is a situation made to order for generating panic attacks, and she’s got enough trouble as it is. Check it out – this reaction is more common than you might think.

12 Jul

This question came from a woman with bipolar illness, suffering as well from deep-seated feelings of emptiness. 

Back in the day, we in the psychotherapy biz used to call this ‘anaclitic depression’, marked by this sense of emptiness or nothingness on the inside. We now know a lot more about it, and a whole field of study on ‘attachment disorder’ has since emerged.

These profound feelings of ‘nothing on the inside’ are often the result of a very early disruption in a baby’s bond with a primary caregiver. We used to treat this with lengthy, intense, expensive, deep-dish, insight-oriented psychotherapy. People would search for reasons and delve into their personal history, for weeks and even years, with iffy results for all their effort. 

Additionally, few people could afford the time or money needed to undergo this kind of therapy. It was for a very exclusive few.

It turns out that most people will do much better working from the outside-in, using behavior to change feelings. 

So read to what our very own Traci Stein has to say about this, offering some smart, practical, effective behavioral suggestions to Paula.

05 Jul


Hello, Belleruth,

My husband has Parkinson's Disease. We have found there is not much by way of support services or wellness programs for him in our area.  He has, however, just started a class for Parkinson patients that will be teaching mindfulness as a tool to improve quality of life for people with PD.

This led me to wondering if you had some guided meditations that you think would be useful for this kind of population.  I would like to recommend a CD of yours for the doctor leading the group, who has many Parkinson patients in his practice, plus two other groups starting.  I have some of your CDs, but nothing that is right for this population. 

Thank you,

Mary M.