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Thyroid Cancer Is Cured, But Still Very Anxious

19 Jul

I heard about your amazing CD`s. Five years ago I had thyroid cancer and now I have a lots of anxiety and fear from cancer.  Every exam that I need to have makes me to worry more and more and I can’t sleep and focus for months.  I worry all the time for different health problems.  If you have in mind one of your CDs that might help, please let me know. Thank you in advance.  

Dear Olga,
If it’s any comfort, this happens to a lot of people after their treatment for cancer is over. There’s something about the end of the active phase of treatment - and not feeling like you’re doing things to safeguard your health any more - that (for some people) creates more anxiety and fear than when they actually had active disease in their body.

This was one of the reasons we created our Healthy Immune System imagery - so survivors could still be proactive and feel involved in staying well, long after chemo or surgery or radiation is over.  For many, this is enough to bind up the anxiety and get you back on track. (It’s of course good to use as an alternate when you’re still in the cancer-fighting phase, too - but sometimes it’s nice to have something to listen to that’s completely fresh, that had nothing to do with fighting the cancer. Even the music is different.)

There’s now concrete evidence from blood work outcomes with various clinical trials that when we imagine our white blood cells actively combing the body for random, mutant cancer cells that may be starting to form, there is evidence of heightened immune function in the body, as measured by greater numbers of NK (natural killer) cells, and many kinds of T-cells. (These mutating cells occur naturally in everyone, but usually the immune system very effectively gets rid of them before they can collect enough mass to make mischief and become observable as “cancer”.)  

So my guess is that this is the imagery that would most likely help you with these fears and worries.  Hopefully, after years of check-ups and good results, this will fade to background anyway.

If you don’t like this idea, you might want to try one of our simple relaxation imagery titles - maybe the Relaxation & Wellness or the General Wellness imagery; or the Relieve Stress imagery, which has 4 different selections, including a walking meditation, which can be very effective for any kind of anxiety.

And, of course, if your distress starts reaching panicky proportions, I’d definitely recommend the Panic Attack imagery, which is made specifically for that.

OK, hope this helps.  I wish you the best - both continued good health and a peaceful, confident perspective on your future.

All best,

Belleruth Naparstek

Psychotherapist, author and guided imagery pioneer Belleruth Naparstek is the creator of the popular Health Journeys guided imagery audio series. Her latest book on imagery and posttraumatic stress, Invisible Heroes: Survivors of Trauma and How They Heal (Bantam Dell), won the Spirituality & Health Top 50 Books Award