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26 Mar

Researchers from the University of Washington in Seattle examined whether an early intervention targeting negative beliefs of female assault survivors could mediate the subsequent development of chronic PTSD.

Ninety recent female assault survivors were randomized to 3 four-week early intervention programs:  (1) brief cognitive behavioral therapy, (2) weekly assessment or (3) supportive counseling. Changes in negative beliefs were examined before and after the intervention.

17 May

Dear Belleruth,

Do you remember when AIDS was first discovered?  Do you remember the stigma attached to the illness and how that stigma created much more pain and devastation than the physical illness itself (as if it weren't bad enough)?  Who can forget, actually?  The patients... the disregarded... fought like hell to be recognized and respected, treated and researched.  No one ever thought AIDS could be successfully treated or that people could live productive lives after diagnosis.... but how wrong that was!

22 Mar


While I think your items are helpful, I really think it is unfair that you barely give the profession of hypnosis any acknowledgment when that is what "guided imagery" is.  You should tell it like it is and give credit to the profession.

 Dear Janny,
I confess to being baffled by your comment.  Although this website started out years ago as a guided imagery site that featured only my work at first, it then expanded over the years into a mind-body site that featured many experiential methods and practitioners, including hypnosis, breathwork, meditation, acupressure, music therapy, biofeedback, yoga, tai chi, and much more.