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Emmett Miller MD

Emmett Miller MD

Emmet Miller, MD, a leading guided imagery pioneer and virtuoso practitioner for 30 years, is known for his masterful meditations that inspire a deep receptivity to healing - mind, body, and spirit. His powerful, soothing voice and brilliant, evocative imagery are held to be a gold standard in the mind-body field.

In my experience, there are few things quite as unpleasant and demoralizing as having a headache. Some people are positively plagued and hounded by them.

Yet, most of the time the cause for that headache is simple tension and spasm in the muscles of the neck and scalp, and in the muscles circling the blood vessels in the head.


We hear words like guided imagery, mindfulness, and meditation all the time, but most of us think of them as something abstract, complex, or mysterious. Actually, the essence of all of these immersive techniques involves using a powerful tool available to all of us, though we may not be aware of it. That tool is our awareness. But, the skill we need is the ability to intentionally guide our awareness.


Emmett Miller MD is one of the truest, earliest, and brilliantest pioneers of guided imagery, ever. (He’s also a really, really nice guy, and one of the most relaxed, gentle, laid back humans I know – in other words, the guy really walks his talk.)