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Bone Marrow & Organ Transplants (2)

23 Jan

Researchers at the Phyllis F. Cantor Center at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and U. Mass/Boston, interested in exploring the potential effectiveness of mindfulness meditation (MM) for patients undergoing bone marrow transplant, took an unusual first step. They conducted a series of guided interviews with nineteen patients undergoing stem cell/autologous bone marrow transplant (SC/ABMT).

Audiotapes of these interview sessions were then transcribed and used to create a a QRS NVivo software program to manage the data from the interview questions. Responses about what the participants liked and disliked and their suggestions for improving the effectiveness of the MM intervention were identified and grouped.

12 Dec

Researchers from the University of Minnesota enrolled 20 solid-organ transplant recipients in an 8-week course of mindfulness-based stress reduction training and a gentle form of hatha yoga. Subjects were also given audiotapes for home practice and maintained practice diaries to track their participation.

At 6 months data was analyzed for impact on symptom management, illness intrusion and transplant-related stressors. Significant improvements were found in the quality and duration of sleep, and on self-reported measures of anxiety and depression.