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29 Mar

Editorial comment:
Some of you know I’ve always cast a wary eye on Virtual Reality as a technique, mainly because its cost makes it unrealistic for most people and situations; and because instead of directing focus inward, the way hypnosis and guided imagery do, to increase internal locus of control and empowerment for self-driven change, it takes end-users’ attention outward, so that they must depend on the VR machinery to create sensation.
Except for the relative few who are congenitally incapable of doing self-directed imagery for relaxation, this seems like a self-defeating, redundant, expensive option.  These researchers deserve great praise for their integrity. They published a study where the findings ran counter to their hopes and wishes for VR.

16 Jun

Researchers at The University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle find that virtual reality-based hypnosis reduces pain and anxiety in burn patients, and cuts the need for pain meds in half.
15 Aug

The effect of music-based imagery and musical alternate engagement on the burn debridement process.
02 Aug

Massage helps a courageous burn survivor recover from daunting injuries and terrible pain, both physical and emotional. Her docs and therapists successfully advocate for reimbursement for this critically important CAM intervention.