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12 Oct

A woman’s mother dies of pancreatic cancer and finds comfort in listening to the Peaceful Dying imagery, as do her daughters along with her, as well as the staff of hospice nurses who were looking after her...
24 Aug

We found this posting on Amazon, from the wife of a man newly diagnosed with cancer, who was feeling lost and overwhelmed until she randomly decided to get some guided imagery on board..
12 Jul

A newly diagnosed cancer patient asks Belleruth for imagery for hope and optimism, and BR counsels her not to try and force those feelings before their time, but instead to practice acceptance of whatever she feels
23 Mar

A man recently diagnosed with esophageal cancer wonders if the CDs for Fight Cancer and Help with Chemotherapy are the same, and, if so, why they are packaged under different titles..
09 Feb

A woman with more than one melanoma (the most threatening kind of skin cancer) on her back asks if guided imagery can help her heal, and if so, how..
20 Nov

A woman writes to ask what to do about a line in the cancer imagery about her body returning to its original blueprint when she’s just discovered she’s inherited the breast cancer gene..
27 Oct

A woman is shocked to learn that her "benign" lump is a stage two cancerous thyroid gland, and endures the added distress of hyperthyroidism while she undergoes treatment, but imagery helps her enormously..
04 Oct

Three years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer - I was 14 weeks pregnant at the time. I had chemo through the pregnancy - my baby is a healthy almost-3-year-old, fighting me on potty training!!!
20 Jul

The husband of a cancer-fighter asks why the affirmation, "I know that I can heal myself and live or I can heal myself and die" is included in the Fight Cancer guided imagery CD
29 Jun

As a result of her experience with cancer, this survivor has turned over a new leaf, exploring her creativity, listening to her inner voice and writing her own book..