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20 Feb

We continue with the funny, gutsy, clear-eyed saga of our plucky breast cancer survivor, as she decides between treatment options and chooses which protocols to go for..
13 Feb

We are lucky to have the journal entries of a breast cancer survivor (who also happens to be an E.R. nurse) that reflect her courage, intelligence, clear-eyed judgment and fabulous sense of humor..
27 Dec

Some guided imagery CDs to help a mother-in-law fight cancer yield a surprising and unexpected benefit, when they wind up changing and vastly improving her previously rocky relationship with her daughter-in-law..
19 Sep

We got this email from the son of a 72 year old widow who was newly diagnosed with cancer and introduced to guided imagery by a nurse offering a free CD from GlaxoSmithkline ..
22 Aug

A plucky 40-year-old, diagnosed with ovarian cancer, who’s had 18 chemo sessions and 4 surgeries in 14 months, talks about her intention to feel great about living and not being in treatment..
11 Jul

A 50-year-old, newly married woman who had never been to doctors or even had health insurance, was beside herself, having been newly diagnosed with breast cancer, and suddenly facing surgery, chemo and radiation..
18 Apr

A woman asks what resources she should get for a cousin who was just diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas, who is starting chemotherapy and radiation therapy shortly..
20 Sep

A woman with Stage 3 breast cancer asks BR to explain the affirmation on the cancer tape that says, "I can heal myself and live or I can heal myself and die . . . . "
07 Jun

A massage therapist undergoing rigorous treatment for a rare form of breast cancer writes about how much her guided imagery CDs gave her comfort and helped her to stay positive during a very challenging time..
29 Mar

Guided imagery helps a man diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer immerse himself in what he calls "deep, internal spaces" and intense visual images to help him recover and heal..