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25 Mar


I have attended a couple of your programs. At the one in Virginia and the Washington DC area, you mentioned some tips for the caregiver for your loved one with cancer.

It was a listing of 'helpful hints' for people/family who are impacted by the diagnosis of life-threatening cancer - i.e. setting boundaries with others who want to share their story...etc.

Would you be so kind as to repeat this?  As an oncology nurse manager, I have to assist the caregiver as well as the person with cancer during this process, and I thought what you were speaking about would be a help to them and their journey.

Thank you and be well


30 Apr

I listened to your guided imagery program for Caregiver Stress for months as I walked an arduous path with my dearest love of 40 years, as she contended with the stresses and strains of chemotherapy for ovarian cancer.  It was not easy.  She is now thankfully in remission.  

Voice, music and words provided exactly what I needed, and therefore what we needed.  The intense fear, doubt, suffering, emotional exhaustion etc etc of the care partner is unacknowledged, ignored, swept under the rug.