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10 Nov

When President Barack Obama proclaimed November National Family Caregivers Month at a Whitehouse press conference in 2012, he noted that family caregivers have an immeasurable impact on the lives of the people they care for, their hours are long and their work is hard, and many of them put their own lives on hold to assist loved ones. “I encourage all Americans to pay tribute to those who provide for the health and well-being of their family members, friends, and neighbors,” he concluded.

According to statistics provided by the National Alliance for Caregiving and the AARP, more than 65 million Americans provide care for chronically ill, disabled or aged family members, and the average amount of time they spend caring for loved ones is 20 hours per week. Some caregivers spend more than 40 hours per week in their roles and most of them have full-time jobs and other family obligations. They experience a wide range of challenges and physical symptoms that can have a cumulative effect on their health and well-being.

25 Jun

Hello, everyone!  Year before last, Belleruth blogged about the incredible fly-fishing group which works with wounded warriors, named Project Healing Waters.  Her post is found here.

This week, I received the most wonderful thank you note from Sandy Stutz – she and her husband lead the Chambersburg, Pennsylvania event in May.  Here’s a great picture of their latest event:

Each year, we delight in supplying Sandy, and her groovy fly-fishing husband Darvy, with some De-Stress audios of Belleruth’s guided imagery, as well as brochures, catalogs, etc. for this fantastic group.  It’s a small part, but one that makes us smile no less each time we donate.

Project Healing Waters Spring 2013 Fly Fishing Outing

Every note we get back, and every telephone call, teems with excitement over their latest (or upcoming) event. They are a wonderful example of how each of us can do a small part to thank and help those men and women who sign a blank check with their lives, for our sake.  You can read more about the entire organization’s work and outreach here.

Would love to hear back about charities YOU are passionate about or involved in.  Together, every single one of us can make a difference.