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Mayo Clinic Cancer Center Chaplain Recommends Guided Imagery

01 Jul

Like you, I love to see the benefits of guided imagery extolled in mainstream publications. It gets the word out to so many who can benefit from it, and who are often too busy, harried or overwhelmed to go looking for answers.

In an online Better Homes and Gardens article by Kathleen Heins, Mayo Clinic Cancer Center Chaplin Phillis Bennett mentioned guided imagery and its effect on positive thinking. “I remind women that they can still control what they think and feel and how they’re going to live the rest of their lives,” she said. She went on to recommend meditation and guided imagery. To see her comments, read the section titled, Think Positively—It Does Help.

Also check out Belleruth’s comment about guided imagery in a recent article in Reader’s Digest, 7 Steps to Center Yourself, and do let us know if you come across any mention of guided imagery in other publications or website articles. 

Maggie DeMellier

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