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Health Journeys Contributors - Meet Mellisa Dormoy

31 Mar

Hello! I am so grateful to be a part of Health Journeys and all the wonderful products they offer. Sometimes browsing the site feels like being a kid in a candy store for lovers of guided imagery and meditation!

My name is Mellisa Dormoy and I am the writer and voice behind Shambala Teens Cds and founder of ShambalaKids. I love our youth. They are the builders of our tomorrow, the next keepers of light. And so, there is nothing more personally satisfying or encouraging to me than when I hear a parent tell me how their child has been deeply moved and helped by what I do.

I have a degree in Psychology and was trained as a hypnotist in NYC through the National Guild of Hypnotists. I later did a specialization in pediatric hypnotherapy because I love kids so much. I continue my education with CEUs in guided imagery, ADHD hypnotherapy and other workshops that enable me help teens and children even more.  

Having my own children gave me the opportunity to hone my skills, and it is they who continually inspire me to create more. Today, in addition to continually expanding our line of CDs and program offerings at ShambalaKids, I also train others to teach children’s relaxation and meditation. In this way, I continue my great love affair with guided imagery and meditation, and the positive, transformational affects they have on us and our families.

Mellisa Dormoy

Mellisa Dormoy is a dedicated teacher and author with a focus on children’s self-esteem and happiness. You can feel her love for kids and her passion for what she does come through on each CD and program she creates and records. She has developed and taught many self improvement programs for both children and adults. She believes that the vocation of parenting allows us to evolve and experience life in a way nothing else can. "I am passionate about helping children to realize their full potential.

Mellisa is the founder of ShambalaKids and the creator of Shambala Self Esteem for Teens and Shambala Stress Management for Teens.