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24 Dec

P.S. Health Journeys will be closed December 24th & 25th.

20 May

As Director of Operations, “Health Journeys, Can I help you?” has rolled off my tongue for over 17 years.  Frankly, I wouldn’t want it any other way.   After graduating from Kent State University, I was working in a restaurant when I received notice it would be closing.  As many of you can easily imagine, the stress of that impending blow weighed heavily – and to help, my sister loaned me her copy of Health Journeys’ Relieve Stress CD.  After listening to it a few times, I knew what I needed to do – I told my sister that I NEEDED to work for Belleruth.  (Fortunately for me, it was a locally-based company. Though sure, a more warm and sunny location might have been nice!)   So to make a long story short, we put my resume together and mailed it in.  Three weeks later I was sitting in the office for an interview, and as they say, the rest is history.

I have a Degree in Psychology so the mind-body connection has always been fascinating to me.  The connections I’ve made and stories people have shared with me over the years just affirms that this is what I was supposed to do and where I’m supposed to be.