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18 Jan

After a stress test reveals "mild to moderate ischemia", a woman wonders if mind-body methods such as guided imagery, transcendental meditation, hypnosis, yoga and stress management training can actually reverse coronary artery disease.
30 Aug

A woman who had a heart attack 6 months earlier, asks what imagery would be best to add to her regimen of weight loss, exercise, massage and work with a personal trainer..
02 Mar

A woman uses guided imagery for aortic valve replacement, open heart surgery, for both the surgery itself and for recovery in the ICU, and says she surprised the ICU nurses with her recovery time..
01 Dec

Greg writes that during a cardiac catheterization, his heart and arteries wound up looking on the screen exactly as he’d imagined them to be for weeks in advance: perfectly formed, symmetrical and blockage-free!
31 Aug

A woman struggling with high blood pressure and suddenly sticky, peri-menopausal weight, wants to know what she should listen to in order to get the hypertension down and lose the weight.

Dear Belleruth,

I used your Weight Loss CD back in 2003 and lost 32 lbs. doing the South Beach diet plan. Unfortunately, in the past year or so I have gained all and more of that weight back, while I struggle with the symptoms of peri-menopause (hot flashes) and am presently 40 lbs. overweight. As a result, my MD advised today that at 145/97, my BP is too high and requires medication. He has given me 5 weeks to effect a change before the meds will begin.

Which of your CDs would be best to bring my BP down? Also, I have tried the Weight Loss CD recently and it doesn''t seem to be enough at this point. Are there any dangers in tapes with subliminal messaging like the one you offer in your catalog?

Thanks so much and I am a huge fan. Many people have tried your CDs on my advice and love them!


20 Jul

Someone who’s been through the Cardiac Wars, with open heart surgery and rehab, expresses gratitude for the guided imagery that was in his ears the entire time he was in the O.R. and the C.I.C.U..
06 Mar

A report from someone who underwent major heart surgery with several life-threatening complications, tells us he found guided imagery extremely helpful, both during the surgery itself and afterwards in the step-down unit..
19 Sep

A staff group at a hospital wants to know which guided imagery titles of BR’s use specific, heart-opening imagery to augment the healing action of the tapes and CDs…
01 Aug