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13 Feb

Ever have a fabulously, romantic, passionate night with the person you love, only to get shocked back to into the decidedly un-sexy reality of the tasks of daily living the next morning? It can be a little bit like getting doused with cold water.

I love the way my favorite poet, Ellen Bass, describes this very human "morning after" experience. Check it out.

The Morning After

You stand at the counter, pouring boiling water
over the French roast, oily perfume rising in smoke.
And when I enter, you don't look up.
You're hurrying to pack your lunch, snapping
the lids on little plastic boxes while you call your mother
to tell her you'll take her to the doctor.
I can't see a trace of the little slice of heaven
we slipped into last night—a silk kimono
floating satin ponds and copper koi, stars falling
to the water. Didn't we shoulder
our way through the cleft in the rock of the everyday
and tear up the grass in the pasture of pleasure?
If the soul isn't a separate vessel
we carry from form to form,
but more like Aristotle's breath of life–
the work of the body that keeps it whole–
then last night, darling, our souls were busy.
But this morning, it's like you're wearing a bad wig,
disguised so I won't recognize you
or maybe so you won't know yourself
as that animal burned down
to pure desire. I don't know
how you do it. I want to throw myself
onto the kitchen tile and bare my throat.
I want to slick back my hair
and tap dance up the wall. I want to do it all
all over again–dive back into that brawl,
that raw and radiant free-for-all.
But you are scribbling a shopping list
because the kids are coming for the weekend
and you're going to make your special crab cakes
that have ruined me for all other crab cakes

Ellen Bass

From Like a Beggar

06 Feb

Thank you for writing Your Sixth Sense, Belleruth.

I came across it when I was told by several people that I needed to stop being so logical and skeptical, and start developing my intuition. Your scientific and matter- of-fact approach gave me the door in to exploring something I'd otherwise think wasn't for me.

Now I'm looking at how to develop a more intuitive connection with my husband, something we're practicing together and has been such a wonderful way of connecting another part of ourselves.

Finally, your description of what your sessions were like with clients resonated so strongly with me that they seem to have launched me into a whole new path as a kind of counselor -- again, something I never would have considered, had I not come across your phrase about loving when people tell you the truth about themselves. Yes, exactly.

All the very best to you from Scotland,


30 Jan

Not surprisingly, I found this story on the Facebook page of Margaret Dubay Mikus, poet, physician, photographer and artist. How do you like that smile? Allow me to introduce 77 year old Willie Murphy. She weighs 105 pounds....

The Mighty Murphy first began lifting weights four years ago, starting with five pound dumbbells. Today, this grandmother from Rochester, New York can deadlift 215 pounds and she was recently named the 2014 Lifter of the Year by the World Natural Powerlifting Federation.

Murphy, who can easily do one-handed push-ups and pull-ups, also took home titles at the WNPF World Championships for deadlift, power curl, and bench press -- and she weighs only 105 pounds.

23 Jan

Okay, so when we last left you on the Inspiring Story page, we'd featured Michael Peterson's sleepless night in Iraq, after an especially dicey day and night, where his musical performance was scored to sound of whizzing and exploding shells.

chambersSo now let's see how Colonel (R) Jill Chambers, the amazing, power-packed ball of energy who set this whole trip up, so that these isolated Soldiers in the middle of nowhere could get a little love, music, humor and inspiration from home... well, she was right there by Michael's side, talking to the troops, directing set-up and logistics, making everything run smooth as silk, all the while cheer-leading to beat the band...

Let me also say that this is the same Jill who was handpicked by Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair, Admiral Mike Mullen, to be his first Special Assistant for Returning Warrior Issues – not exactly chopped liver, you could say. Jill is further qualified to chat with the troops by having overcome her own posttraumatic stress, derived from having been in the Pentagon during 9/11. Jill now spends her days helping veterans and training returning warriors.

16 Jan

Bravo to the French people's response to the murders of some of their best and bravest journalist-cartoonists. Glad to see so many French Muslims standing up to this, and not letting the Fascist Islamists define their religion. This is a war of ideas, and must be countered with ideas.

09 Jan

When we put out our call for personal stories to feature on the new landing page we're building, we got this amazing story from quintessential performing artist, gonzo patriot and all-round gutsy dude, Michael Peterson.

We've been asking for people to tell us how imagery was useful in dealing with a challenge. Michael's story is pretty amazing. It's all true, but it reads like page turner fiction. Eesh, talk about The Show Must Go On!! What a pro this guy is! I hope you have time to check it out. Here are Michael's words:

We are in Baghdad Iraq to entertain deployed US Military and DOD Civilians.
As we wake up around 6:30 am, it is already approaching 110 degrees in the shade. Before the sun sets it will be in the mid 130's.

Preparing for departure, we are informed that several US Soldiers died recently going in and out of the gate we are scheduled to travel through today as we drive to our shows.

This was supposed to have been their last week before heading home.

Well...wait a moment..this is our last day on what is likely our last trip to Iraq.

02 Jan

19 Dec

2147bMy favorite use of guided imagery was when I developed a book study group after my retirement in order to teach friends how to tap into their intuitive sense. About ten group members used a combination of reading your book Your Sixth Sense and listening to your guided imagery recording of Unlocking Intuition. Several group members reported increased awareness and comfort with their powers of intuition. Even group participants who did not have this experience enjoyed the guided imagery set to music, stating they had never been able to meditate before.

12 Dec

We got this really beautiful note last week from a man who'd suffered the terrible loss of his soul-mate and life partner to complications from Non-Hodgkins lymphoma. It's a wonderfully honest and eloquent description of a person's journey through grief and heartbreak to healing and growth - and very inspiring. Here it is:

"This isn't a question - it's a great big Thank You Note!

"My soul-mate and life partner, died in May of this year due to complications from chemo and radiation treatments for Non-Hodgkins lymphoma (actual cause of death was end-stage lung disease - not a nice condition).

05 Dec

My 41 year old daughter is a successful research scientist who took her time finding the right man to marry. Four years ago, she finally found him. They married a few months later and immediately tried to start a family. She could not get pregnant, in spite of the fact that there were no hindrances detected clinically in either one of them.

Sarah is a bit high strung to start with, but this situation created great levels of stress in her and for them as a couple. It was heartbreaking to watch my lovely daughter, who had so much of her life together at last, become a tense, distracted, unhappy person. She has always been a high-energy, productive, happy person.