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07 Oct

A friend brought this Amazon review of our guided imagery for Cancer to our attention and it warmed the cockles of our hearts (wherever those are).

This audio was one of the first guided meditations we ever produced, and we’re delighted that it’s still doing some good.  It was recorded in 1990.  Here’s the review, as written, verbatim:

30 Sep

Dear BR and Health Journeys,

For eight months, I was a full time caregiver to our severely brain-injured teenage son, after six months of hospitals and a dozen surgeries. He is now confined to a state mental hospital by court order, because of the dangerous behavior caused by the TBI.

When he was home, caring for him was constant, and felt so lonely. I worried no one else could do it as well – and also that he would feel abandoned if it wasn't me there looking after him.

I never got any real rest, because I had to get up every couple hours to check the breathing equipment. I tried to eat well, but I’d end up either overeating junk or forgetting to eat altogether.

I constantly felt inadequate, because I was tired all the time, and craved some kind of joy again in my daily life. I also felt terrified he would die. And of course I worried for my other children, and had trouble letting them out of my sight, for fear they’d get hurt too. 

23 Sep

Dear Health Journeys,

I’m one of those trauma survivors Belleruth writes about in Invisible Heroes, who went from being a barely functioning mess (and sometimes not functioning at all) – even hospitalized for catatonia and other diagnoses of severe mental illness (what I would call a “normal” response to the sadistic abuse I experienced in my abnormal family context) - to a dedicated, joyful, energized and highly functional incest and domestic violence therapist. I love my work wholeheartedly and take pleasure in knowing I make a big difference in the lives of a lot of people.

16 Sep

Dear Belleruth,

My name is Bonnie M. I'm a married, 52-year-old mother of three sons, and I teach elementary school. The past year and a half has been extremely hard on our family. Our oldest son, Maxim, age 26, died of a drug overdose at our home. He was a bright, gifted young man who struggled with bipolar disorder.

Then three months later, my wonderful father passed away of an inoperable cancer in his gut.

Six months later, a very close friend died in a car crash, practically in front of our house. This friend had been an advocate and friend to Maxim and our family during his chaotic and tumultuous teen years, and helped us greatly in our grief when he died.

09 Sep

We found this heartening story posted by WBH on Amazon, under our Ease Pain guided meditation audio recording.  Here it is, verbatim, in honor of National Pain Awareness Month: We especially love her inspiring, motivating, personal pep talk qu0te that she throws in at the end. 

02 Sep

Corolla le Blanc tells how guided imagery helped with her chronic, worsening migraine headache condition, which she’d suffered since adolescence. 

For most of her life, she had inadequate health insurance and couldn’t afford the pricey meds on offer, so she resorted to guided imagery, not realizing that, at the very least, good, relaxing guided meditations will release muscle tension in the head and neck; and loosen the tightness in constricted blood vessels. So this was actually not a bad idea at all…

Here’s how she tells it in her own words...

26 Aug

Hi, Belleruth.

This summer, I sat once more for the bar exam. I have always been a terrible test taker and for me, passing the bar is the ultimate, terrifying test. 

There I was, facing the Boogey Man after several failed attempts, complete with racing pulse, intense sweats and nausea.  I always knew the material, but I would get so inundated with stress and fear, I couldn’t access it.

Only this time, with the help of a very wise therapist, I figured out that in my past tries, I had never given myself the tools I needed to succeed.

19 Aug

Here’s a wonderfully upbeat note from a woman who has been through a lot and came out stronger for it.  It looks like she used guided imagery every step of the way, pretty much.  

She first learned about guided imagery from her late husband’s chemotherapy nurse at what used to be Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, D.C. Here's what Ellen has to say.

12 Aug

Amy Colwell Bluhm, PhD, RYT, attests to using guided imagery for all kinds of situations, from depression and panic attacks to surgery and childbirth. Here she is in her own words, describing her Health Journey.

I am a 43-yr-old home schooling mom and yoga teacher from Milwaukee, WI.

About a dozen years ago, I was in the middle of writing my dissertation and was just really feeling depleted. A sort of depression had settled in, and I asked my friend, Ann Williams [PhD, RN, CDE], a diabetes educator, now on the faculty at Case Western Reserve University, for some help with supplements.

She said “Can I suggest something different? How about guided imagery?” She then led me to Health Journeys.

05 Aug

We got this personal story from Emily for the People We've Helped section of our website.  It’s hard to imagine anything much worse than severe, incapacitating nausea. Emily had it in spades when she was pregnant with her son. Some days, it was so bad, she even doubted she’d ever be a good mother to her unborn son…

Read her story in her own words...