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01 Jul

We got this personal story on our Health Journeys Facebook page from Donna Falcone, who describes her challenging but successful battle with Lyme Disease.  We’ll just let her speak for herself.  Here she is:

24 Jun

We got this gracious note a couple years ago when we were searching for “People We’ve Helped” stories for our web page. I think you'll enjoy reading it!

17 Jun

We wanted to share a #MyHealthJourney with you about a director of a university wellness center who instituted a successful drop-in meditation program with the goal of introducing mind-body coping techniques to students to increase their resiliency and help them manage stress.

10 Jun

Barb Belton suffered from complex PTSD for years, even though she wasn’t diagnosed until her forties. Along with her diagnosis, she was told she’d be living in misery for the rest of her life. 

She spent a lot of time with Al-Anon, Incest Survivors, ACA and ACOA groups, as well as a couple rounds of therapy. She read a lot of self-help, too, to no effect.

She says she’s happier now than she’s ever been.

03 Jun

I am a 67-year-old man who was diagnosed with diabetes 16 years ago. I was prescribed insulin, Prandin and Glucophage to control my blood sugar when my blood work went crazy after my wife left me six years ago. 

A nurse in the endocrinology practice who takes care of me suggested I try meditating to see if that lessened my need for shots and drugs. It sounded a little off the wall, but she showed me some studies on her iPad. She also pointed out that my blood sugar went off the charts when I suffered the emotional effects of my marriage ending. I decided, why not? I was depressed anyway, and I had nothing to lose.

27 May

In keeping with Blood Pressure Awareness Month, we went snooping around the reviews posted on Amazon to see what people had to say about their journey using guided imagery for their blood pressure and related issues. We happily spotted these comments.

20 May

Depression is like a Catch-22, because you need a certain amount of energy to overcome it. At the same time, one of the signature symptoms of depression is a lack of energy.

Some people describe it as feeling like a heavy fog is surrounding them and weighing them down, resulting in limbs that feel like lead and a bone-deep inertia and weariness.

That’s why guided imagery can be so helpful to people suffering from serious depression.  It can do some of the initial work for you – all you need to do is find the energy to press “Play”, and it can jump start you enough for your own engine to take over. 

This brief but heartening note makes this very case. We got it a couple of weeks ago and wanted to share it.

13 May

Let it be noted that one of the basic, defining features of depression is low or blocked energy. Depressed people feel logy, dulled, weary and inert.  As a result, if you’re depressed, it’s hard to just yank yourself out of it.  You know you should get up and move, but your limbs can feel like lead.

That’s why a passive activity like listening to guided imagery can be such a help. It meets you where you are and gently infuses motivation and hope, right into your ears. You don’t even have to actively listen. You can fall asleep, and it will enter your consciousness anyway. 

06 May

Hi Belleruth,

You probably receive a lot of emails from fans, but here's another.

I just finished reading your book, Invisible Heroes which was recommended to me by my Rubenfeld Synergist.  Although I had recently figured out that I have been suffering from PTSD for the past 30 years, it was your book that completely and compassionately described what I've gone through. I am so incredibly grateful.

I have had two autoimmune diseases, heart valve replacement, bulimia, and now high blood pressure. I also self-medicated, etc. I'm an amazingly in-shape person, and I eat a natural foods diet, so the illnesses never made total sense. (I've resolved all the illnesses except for the blood pressure.) But now I know, with all certainty, that everything stems from my witnessing my sister's death from suicide back when I was 17.

29 Apr

Dear Health Journeys,

I bought the Guided Meditations for Infertility in January. It got me through an intense cycle of fertility treatments! I listened every day to help calm my nerves and so that I could relax!! And I am happy to say that I am now 7 weeks pregnant with twins!!