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07 Apr


This is a deliciously touching story. It's so good, it went and got us all weepy.

18 Mar

The work of the HeartMath® Institute has arguably had its greatest impact showing people that by focusing on their own feelings of love and care, they can entrain their heart rhythms to enter a more coherent, healthy, psychologically resilient state. And they can influence other hearts in the vicinity as well.

What's fun is, they do this with high-end monitors and sophisticated telemetry, so it's a lot harder for naysayers to simply call them fruit loops and dismiss their findings.

11 Mar

We got this lovely note from a nurse practitioner in a GYN practice, who inspired us to take her lead and develop our own prescription pads. Check it out!

Dear Belleruth,

nancy-longI am an ovarian cancer survivor and a nurse practitioner in gynecology GYN. I also am Volunteer Chair of the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition.

I buy your CDs and give them to women going thru surgery and chemo.

One of my friends sent me these cards with my very favorite quote from you. When I say it or even think it, my shoulders relax! {Ed. Note: the affirmation is "I know I am held in the hands of God and am perfectly, utterly safe."]

Thank you for all of your wonderful healing work. I often write your website and name on a prescription for my patients.

I play your CD's in my survivor groups.

Thanks so very much.

Nancy Long

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04 Mar

I come from a family of Olympic-grade, Gold Medalist Blamers. My parents woke up angry and went to bed angry. They expressed anger the way normal people say hello, how are you??!! My mother had a constant slow burn, and my father lost his temper over issues large and small (mostly small!!!) dozens of times a day. All of us kids grew up assuming that this was what life looked like!

When I started acting like my mother in my marriage, my husband was dumbfounded. He is a decent, reasonable man who couldn't fathom where all this bubbling anger was coming from.

When he pointed it out to me, I couldn't either. I took a long, hard look at the culture I grew up in, went into therapy and did an overhaul on my psyche. NO WAY was I going to screw up my marriage to this man if I could help it.

26 Feb

This is a wonderful teaching story about impatience and stepping back to see the larger perspective.

Even the most enlightened among us can get into a pressured, goal-directed state of mind and display what psychologists call "hurry sickness". A typical symptom of hurry sickness is when we press the button of an elevator multiple times – yep, like, that's really going to make a difference....:/

This story was shared by Sarah Owen Bigler on Facebook, who was in a Target with her two kids, waiting in the checkout line. She had a lot to get done, and she was supremely annoyed by an old woman ahead of her, who was paying for each item separately – with change, no less.

19 Feb

Sometimes healing a painful, chronic condition can become your day job, but if it works, it's well worth it. Hats off to this inspired sufferer from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (used to be called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or RSD), who has cobbled together a mix of standard and integrative techniques to remediate this difficult condition.

We found this post on Facebook, because BR was tagged – one of the interventions was guided imagery for pain.

12 Feb

We got this happy note last week. In it, Kristie describes how she used selected segments of our Help with Fertility imagery along with acupuncture specifically designed for boosting conception. Now she's contentedly listening to the Pregnancy (please link) imagery!

Hi Belleruth and thank you!!

I listened to the Help with Fertility guided imagery while trying to get pregnant, and I totally believe that it helped!

It took us 6 months of actively trying to conceive, and I found the conception track and the affirmations track very comforting throughout the process.

I purchased the MP3 album after a couple of months of acupuncture (weekly at first and then in the first two weeks of my cycle), and then I would listen to the conception track almost nightly as I fell asleep in bed at night. I would listen to the affirmations one in the car on my way to work when I needed a pick-me-up.

05 Feb

We got this wonderful note from someone who had suffered a lifetime of hyper-vigilant sleeplessness, due to a traumatic childhood, replete with surprise, nighttime attacks by a deranged, liquor-fueled parent. Not everyone experiences a "miracle cure" for their insomnia with guided imagery like this, but you'd be surprised how many times we hear from people who actually do! Here it is:

Dear Belleruth,

I wanted to thank you from my heart for your sleep CD. I wrote you a few years ago, mentioning that I was deeply traumatized and under great stress. I was using drugs to make me sleep, and had bizarre sleepwalking issues as a result, and my mood problems seemed to be worsening. There were some psychotic breaks. At that extreme point I began to use your sleep CD.

I stopped ingesting the chemicals as well during this period, using the CD nightly.

29 Jan

Ms Naparstek, your guided meditation for depression has helped to improve my mental and physical health, improved my sleep, and eased suffering and struggle with my seasonal depression.

In conjunction with talk therapy, my once or twice daily listening has enabled me to decrease my medication by 20%. I also sleep in longer cycles, and have shortened the depth and length of my cycle of depression.

Repeated use has enabled me to switch your voice and words on in my head, in order to decrease my anxiety when it begins and before it takes over my focus.

Thank you doesn't express my gratitude.

22 Jan

Here's a TED talk by psychiatrist Robert Waldringer, the fourth director of a 75 year old Harvard longitudinal Study of Adult Development, begun in the 30's, on what keeps us happy and healthy. (Actually, this is a study of what keeps men happy and healthy, just to pick a bone on who gets studied in most research ... but that's a battle for another day.)

The study looked at the lives of 724 men, from their teens into their 90's. Half were Harvard sophomores and half were from Boston's poorest neighborhoods. Sixty of the original men are still alive, most of them in their nineties.