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29 Dec

A pretty miraculous, O. Henry-type story from Terry Reed RN, co-director of Beyond Ordinary Nursing, sounds too good to be true, but we’re hoping it is (true) anyway..
22 Dec

We recently heard from a woman in prison, who organized a weekly guided imagery and journaling group for ten of her fellow inmates, a program that has become hugely successful and popular..
01 Dec

BR gets a note from a retired distributor who reports on the positive effects of guided imagery on a young breast cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy, all the way over in Finland..
03 Nov

A woman writes BR about how guided imagery helped her through her grief over losing her son, and how she went on to become a hypnotherapist and hospice volunteer…
27 Oct

Thanks to mindfulness practice and a good therapist, a broken-hearted and terrified woman, recently left by her husband of 28 years, finds new peace, courage and appreciation of herself…
20 Oct

Julie writes: When I was scheduled to take the bar exam for my THIRD time, I was so freaked out and demoralized from the first two failed attempts, I was a mental case…
06 Oct

One free, guided imagery tape helps a young woman through chemotherapy, lullabyes her and her roommate to sleep in their first year of college, and relaxes her worried mom, too…
29 Sep

A cardiac surgery nurse tells of how a very anxious, elderly woman patient found guided imagery to be her "lifeline" during every phase of her stay in the hospital…
19 Sep

A Mom writes about her gratitude for the guided imagery that helped soothe and comfort her daughter during chemotherapy, every night and day for many weeks
08 Sep

A traditionally trained talk therapist tells of her gratitude for having tools such as imagery, breathwork, EMDR and hypnosis to offer trauma survivors and early responders at Ground Zero…