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04 Dec

We got this note and a great suggestion from this man, who combined two dynamite interventions to remediate his chronic and longstanding condition of depression. Check it out – it's simple, inexpensive and effective!

Dear BR,

Thanks for the guided imagery for Depression. I have a history of anhedonia. Listening twice a day has helped considerably , reducing my mood swings. I am more even keeled now than I can remember being.

I also have a recommendation. Your imagery worked even better when I started keeping a gratitude journal alongside it. This is a great combo that has changed my life.

When I'm feeling especially crappy, I read the pages I've already written. That sets me straight in short order.

Why not carry one in your store to sell with your guided imagery? That would make a great Christmas gift if you ask me.

Thanks again,

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27 Nov

dowling amie3This brilliant piece of choreography and staging, was created and executed by a friend's daughter, the award winning dancer Amie Dowling, Chair of Performing Arts at USF and Artist in Residence at San Quentin, who created this piece with ex-prisoners, and staged and shot it inside an empty, rusty, peeling Alcatraz.

People ask, how did she get these tough guys to do this? How hard was it to train and direct them? Evidently not hard at all. What a dramatic video statement about the wasted talent, discipline and drive inside prison walls, eh?

Click Here to see the Video

20 Nov

Hundreds of primary school children in Berkshire have had meditation classes introduced to them as part of their school day routines. As Nikki Mitchell reports, the 'mindfulness' teaching aims to help them manage their own behavior and anxieties, and improve their concentration.

Click Here to see the Video

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13 Nov

I'm a Minnesota clinical psychologist with specialized training in treating complex trauma (EMDR, TFT and Somatic Experiencing). Most of my clients are adults who were abused or neglected as children. I recently began getting referrals from a battered women's shelter.

It's been challenging on many levels, not the least of which is worry over my clients' physical safety. I'm a big guy, and nothing would please me more than to clock the psychopaths who stalk and terrify my clients, but providing full-time protection services is not my job description.

06 Nov

It doesn't always happen, but when guided imagery works for a trauma survivor, it really works. We hear a lot from people who have benefited, and it always makes the whole HJ team feel really good.

One of the most touching thank you's BR has ever gotten just got posted last week on our blog, from "Wiser Now", a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, who was really able to respond to this method.

Belleruth says it's a wonderful thing to be able to help someone from afar, unbeknownst even to your own self, when you didn't even physically show up! That's truly the miracle of a digital intervention.

30 Oct

Lori Alviso Alvord MD, the first Navajo woman to be board certified in surgery, according to a recent article in the East Valley Tribune, is Chief of Surgery at Banner Health Page Hospital in Page, Arizona, and associate faculty at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore.

She speaks about the importance of ceremony, which she frames as an elaborate form of mind-body medicine, that works at many levels and coheres mind, body and spirit. She says that ceremony mainly heals the mind, which then helps to heal the body. Critical elements in ceremony are chanting, prayer, song, dance and guided imagery.

And also critical element in her thinking and culture is that ceremony doesn't just heal individuals, but also heals the community and the planet, because it emphasizes interconnectivity of all things, and we can't heal in a vacuum.

Hats off to Dr. Alviso Alvord! You can learn more about her in the East Valley Tribune.

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23 Oct

This rivetingTed X Talk video is Leslie Morgan Steiner telling her story of how and why it took some time for her to leave her abuser.

It has a very happy ending.

Nearly 3 million people have watched it. I have no doubt it's educated a lot of people and saved many lives. Check it out. And pass it along to someone who needs to watch it.

Click here to see the video

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16 Oct

We read this and smiled. This is not the first time we've been told that guided imagery replaced Ambien, Lunesta and other sleep medication. Not only are there no (bad) side effects; it's a heck of a lot less expensive! Read on, good reader!

I'm a newly converted guided imagery fan. This is a sincere and happy thank you.

I'm one of those people who have a terrible time shutting my mind off at night. As a result, I've taken sleeping pills for years – to the point of getting dependent on them. I didn't like the feeling of being so reliant on pills, and I was even less crazy about the morning "hangover" that I got from them.

09 Oct

We got this email from a med-surg nurse, caring for an open heart surgery patient – a very anxious elderly woman. Here is what she wrote:

Hello there, Belleruth,

I want to give you feedback from an elderly surgery patient I cared for – a super-anxious, woman, very frightened about facing open heart surgery. Very quickly and easily, she was able to calm down, just from listening to guided imagery. I was honestly surprised it worked so fast with her.

She used the audio program for sleep along with the guided imagery for surgery prior to surgery and intra-op.

After surgery, she used your Cardiac Rehab program in the ICU and in the step down unit. She loved that one too. The sleep audio came in handy there too.

02 Oct

We just got this very touching note that speaks to the power of guided imagery for healing posttraumatic stress.

Now, mind you, it doesn't work for everyone – there's no one magic silver bullet for PTS. But we do get this feedback frequently enough to know that when guided imagery works, it goes deep, it changes the inner landscape, and it's a godsend.

Sometimes the impact is felt right away, as was this person's experience. For others, the effects are cumulative and more subtle, and the changes sneak up on the listener after a few weeks or even months. Either way is good.