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75 Yr Old Gets Mastectomy, Then Walks a Mile, Shops, Goes Dancing

07 Nov

After reading this jaw-dropper of an upbeat report from the pluckiest, newly diagnosed, 75-year-old cancer patient in America, everyone in the office has set a new goal: we all want to be Dr. Ann McGee-Cooper when we grow up.  Read on and take heart! (She gives all the credit to guided imagery.  We hand all the credit right back to her.)  

And wait til you see her list of post-surgical activities (which we do not recommend for the average mortal).  She also has some very helpful ideas about how and where and when to use imagery.  Check it out

She writes:
Dear Belleruth,

Barbie Dossey, a close friend, encouraged me to use your wonderful CD on Guided Imagery to prepare for my surgery (mastectomy) and I have been amazed and so pleased with my results, which I give full credit to the power of the guided imagery.  (I am 75 years old, have my own business as a brain engineer who consults with business leaders and their teams on tapping into collective intelligence and high performance teaming.)  Here are some of the many benefits from your CD:         

  • I had no pain and no pain medication, very little discomfort.
  • Surgery 8AM Friday morning.  Walked a mile that afternoon

  • No nausea.  Good appetite

  • No side effects

  • Left the hospital the next morning.  Walking out by myself.  Shopped at Whole Foods on the way home.  Was strong and very able.

  • Walked a mile every day since.

  • Went to church on Sunday.
  • Went back to work on Monday and enjoyed working ¾ time with a nice nap in the early afternoon.

  • Returned to daily yoga on Tuesday including Qi Gong.

  • Was able to drive comfortably.

  • By Thursday had full extension of left arm.

  • Went ballroom dancing Friday evening.  And enjoyed the State Fair on Saturday.  You can see that I easily was able to move back into a lovely schedule of enjoying my life with no pain, little discomfort and excellent recovery.

  • My surgeon reported very little blood.  I had a drain which was removed on Thursday and it had stopped draining by early Wed.  My doctors have been amazed at how easily and comfortably I have fully recovered. 

I will be an eager advocate telling others about this wonderful response and thank you.

In the Spirit,

Ann McGee-Cooper, Ed.D.


I would be delighted for you to use my testimonial with my name.  I am eager to let others know how effective guided imagery can be.  I am using your guided imagery to prepare me for four rounds of chemotherapy and I will gladly share the results.  This will stretch over 12 weeks.
I also am using the script Barbie Dossey wrote in her textbook.  I had a friend record it with the music from your first tape that I used in surgery.  This is very powerful music because I automatically connect it to powerful healing images.  I am wondering if you and Barbie have talked about you perhaps recording her script?  I see the one I am using (from you) as mystical and magical (speaking so eloquently to the right-hemisphere) and the script Barbie created which describes the inner workings of the immune system as speaking more to the left-hemisphere.  I love the synergy created by both and have great confidence that I will have an excellent outcome.  So stay tuned.

 If I can help in any other way, I would be so pleased to do so.  You are my constant companion.  I listen to your voice at least two hours a day as I drift into sleep and as I awaken.  Some nights I realize that I have been listening to the tape loop for several hours while I sleep.  I do prefer to stay in a relaxed state of wakefulness so I can focus on the wonderful healing images.

I use guided imagery with my business clients to help them improve their performance.  I teach them that we can’t not image.  That what we focus on and choose to believe creates our reality.  So why not create a powerful, magical, magnificent healing life?  What you have taught me is the very tangible evidence of all this. 

So again, thank you

Belleruth Naparstek

Psychotherapist, author and guided imagery pioneer Belleruth Naparstek is the creator of the popular Health Journeys guided imagery audio series. Her latest book on imagery and posttraumatic stress, Invisible Heroes: Survivors of Trauma and How They Heal (Bantam Dell), won the Spirituality & Health Top 50 Books Award