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A Cancer Survivor Tells of Many Gifts Received

08 Nov

Dear Belleruth,

I have promised myself while I have a little time that I would write to you about a gift you gave to me during my cancer treatment, eleven years ago. I was diagnosed with breast cancer late in 1998. It turned out to be very aggressive, in my lymph nodes, mandating a mastectomy, chemo and radiation - and subsequent hormonal treatments. 

During the initial phase, a social worker suggested that I have a mentor for the journey. I accepted. I am a psychotherapist and I felt that someone that I trusted to walk my journey with me would be wonderful. She was a great guide and gift. She gave me your Chemotherapy tape on a tape recording (pirated, I am sorry to say). I didn't even know it was you and just ordered the actual tape, which I had bought earlier and given to others, assuming it was the same tape, to listen to again. 

But this tape, on the chemotherapy guided imagery side, was the one I listened to every night. I started by finding a special place and people that I knew and loved joined me in it. Over the months, more and more people came, then animals, then insects, birds, reptiles, fish, then historical people, than the trees, the earth, the air and the rocks made themselves known, finally the fairies and guides came. After a year of listening, I had a full, very full complement surrounding me - and I stopped listening. 

But their presence has remained. I can blink and know they are there with me. I know it helped me heal, grow, nourish myself and others. My mentor was diagnosed with a reoccurrence and I became her mentor. She died several years ago. That too was part, a sad part, of the process.

So thank you, more than I have words for. It is with gratitude and appreciation that I send this to you, and buy and send your meditations to others.  I hope that Cheryl gets a chance to see this.

With many blessing and much love,