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Chemo Imagery Brings More Than Relief of Symptoms

13 Sep


I was diagnosed with breast cancer in late 1998 - a surprise to everyone since I'd had a very early, full pregnancy, no cancer history, was athletic and relatively thin, certainly in good shape, had always eaten organically, and did not smoke at all or drink much. 

Bang.  At 55, I was diagnosed with breast cancer - four nodes, Her2Nu+, estrogen+, progesterone+, large tumor (which the breast cancer surgeon wasn't able to feel either). 

I have been trained herbally. I am a firm believer in holistic medicine and.... there I was.  I decided to go allopathic.  Many in my family are medical doctors and the herbalists that I know, some of whom are also medical doctors, helped me make the decision. 

Early on, I was offered a "mentor". I said a big yes. Sharon talked with me and sent me a pirated (didn't think, sorry) tape of your chemotherapy imagery. I listened to it every night before I went to bed for almost a year.

In using it, I brought in the place first, and then the supportive people, and then more friends and family, and then the animals, and then the bugs, and then the historical people who were there, and then the spirits, and then the entities beyond and behind the spirits into this place, until finally we were sitting together.

We sat together: I was held. It was done with grace and love and blessing. But it wasn't about their holding me; it wasn't about ME.  It was about being.  Here we all were. I guess I knew that before, but now I have this understanding that I carry with me for my forever. 

Thank you. I have often thought about writing, but haven't. 

Hugs and love and blessings to you.