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04 Jun

This wonderful story by Linda Carroll for was posted on the blog of Guided Imagery International.  It’s about Cathy Hutchinson, a 58 yr old woman rendered quadriplegic by a stroke, who learned to move a robotic arm through imagining the movements and actions she wants in her brain.  Carroll writes, “Suddenly Hutchinson is able to do something she could only dream of before: As she thinks about getting herself a drink, the arm reaches over to the bottle and brings it to her lips, where she is able to sip the drink from a straw. It’s the first time Hutchinson’s been able to do anything for herself since the stroke….”

Yep.  Pretty fantastic.  But the research has been telling us for some time now that imagining movement fires signals in the brain in ways that replicate what happens with actual movement, so why not?
For the full story, which is pretty darn inspiring on multo levels, click on the Imagery International blog here.

28 May

This comment from a clinician working with offenders in prison showed up on the customer review section of our Healing Trauma page.  

It actually doesn’t surprise us that guided imagery is well received in prisons and penitentiaries, and we’ve heard this again and again.  After all, how else are prisoners – most of whom, as the therapist says, suffer from posttraumatic stress -  going to “get out of jail free” if not through the power of their imagination? 

21 May

Geoffrey T. Ayers wrote us this upbeat note:  

Faced with a cardiac catheterization, I was both frightened and apprehensive, but overcame both.

For 5 days before the procedure, using a picture of a "text book" heart, I used guided imagery to envision my own cardiac arteries as perfectly formed, totally symmetrical and without any fault or blockages.  In doing so, I was able to contain my anxiety.

While undergoing the procedure, I was able to see the screen, and to me it looked very much like what I had imaged, but then I heard the doctor tell the other doctor to "Look at this".

There was a remark, "That looks like it was drawn".  

"Yes, almost textbook symmetry"..

Later the doctor told me my cardiac arteries are "seemingly perfect". I feel very strongly about the powers of guided imagery, having used it for the past 15 years to manage spinal pain after a spinal injury.

Geoffrey T. Ayers

14 May

We found this note posted on our Weight Loss page. It’s very encouraging for anyone currently doing battle with his/her own body over weight issues.  Here it is:

“This CD was sent to me by a friend at one of the lowest points in my life.  Although I was once healthy and active, after my father's death and a couple of other major life changes, I found myself 100 pounds overweight, compulsively bingeing, anxiety ridden/severely depressed and unable to do anything about it.

07 May

This song and video, Angel Flight, is about bringing home fallen Service Members.  Regardless of your politics or feelings about war, it’s moving and beautiful.  Do check it out if you have a few minutes.

30 Apr

I listened to your guided imagery program for Caregiver Stress for months as I walked an arduous path with my dearest love of 40 years, as she contended with the stresses and strains of chemotherapy for ovarian cancer.  It was not easy.  She is now thankfully in remission.  

Voice, music and words provided exactly what I needed, and therefore what we needed.  The intense fear, doubt, suffering, emotional exhaustion etc etc of the care partner is unacknowledged, ignored, swept under the rug.

23 Apr

We were all delighted to get this exuberant news from Melissa H, who delivered her beautiful baby girl after a dicey pregnancy.  We first heard about this from her doula, Robin Younger, CD, PCD (DONA).

But we’ll let her speak for herself.  Here she is:   

I was Robin Younger's client as mentioned prior.  I did in fact listen to your CD's several weeks prior to my delivery of my beautiful baby girl.  I had been trying for seven years unsuccessfully with three miscarriages before I had Sophia.  I even tried IVF unsuccessfully.  

My pregnancy at the beginning was going so smoothly until the 26th week when complication after complication arose.  There was a potential that Sophia too would not make it.  As you can imagine, my stress levels increased as well as my blood pressure - preclampsia became an issue along with other issues.

16 Apr

We found this inspiring testimonial to the power of guided imagery on an Amazon review, describing someone’s response to the Healing Trauma imagery.  It supports our repeated observation that guided imagery that targets PTS is very effective for old and deep wounds and the painful attitudes and self-percepts that get built around them.   Here’s the comment:

“After a lifetime of dealing with a genetic disease that killed half my family, I didn't think any kind of meditation could make any difference at all. I had come to a point of being so depressed and angry and feeling that life is so unfair and hopeless for some people.

“I grew up in fundamentalist churches in the Deep South where I was taught that my ancestors had sinned against God, and God put a curse on my family, and we would all keep dying until God was over his anger. I can't even begin to express what kind of damage this does to a child already struggling with overwhelming circumstances in a family.

“Although I grew up and realized eventually that it was nonsense, I think that kind of teaching takes hold in the subconscious and is very hard to really overcome. I went to bed and started listening to this CD--expecting nothing really, and I don't think I even made it into a full minute before I could feel tears squeezing out & rolling down my face, and before long I was just crying. It happens every time I listen, but I feel lighter afterwards and not so weighed down with pain. I also don't feel so tired. I love this meditation, find it very calm & soothing…”

A.W. from Virginia

09 Apr

We just got this bulletin from COL (R) Jill Chambers, founder of This Able Vet.  She and her partner, pal and singing co-conspirator, Michael Peterson travel far and wide, providing training, inspiration, amazing music and concrete, practical assistance to our active duty military, transitioning troops and veterans, here and abroad.  

As a result of their considerable travel, jumping of time zones and a history of dodging the occasional Pentagon terror attack, the odd shelling in obscure locations in Iraq and all-round, generally adrenaline-spiking situations, they have had occasional issues with sleep disruption.  

Guided imagery has been a help to them, and they’re always offering generous testimony about that at their various presentations. 

02 Apr

For the past three years or more, I’ve been listening to guided imagery at least once to twice a day. I have been battling M.S. for 28 years and your CD means so much to me and gives me so much hope. Thank you. I am blessed to have this encouragement in my life each day.

I am trying everything I can to stay strong and healthy, including Reiki, meditation, yoga and massage, along with my regular medication, and although I may not manage to do any of these other things in one day, I always listen to your imagery daily.

I am still walking aided with a stick and still driving, so after 28 years I am very lucky - I am sure the imagery has played a big part in this and I am truly grateful.

Warm regards, Dieter