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14 Oct

Probably the most frequent thanks we get is from someone who was really scared – someone who used our guided imagery to get a sense of calm mastery and control over their anxiety and fear.  Often that was facing surgery, chemotherapy or a tough diagnosis;  or it could be a condition that is in and of itself based on anxiety – panic attacks, OCD, posttraumatic stress and so forth.  

Here’s an article that was dropped in my mail box about a patient at Beaumont Hospital System in Durango CO, who used imagery to face down some very tough and scary cancer treatments.  

Do have a look if you’ve got the time.  It’s a fast but inspiring read.  Just click here.

07 Oct


This is not a question but a thank you. Your Weight Loss affirmations have been powerful for me. Not even especially for weight loss, but for encouraging a positive approach to life and for helping me let go of the negative energy that I know consumes me sometimes. And, as a musician, I appreciate how the music builds and resolves at critical moments, underscoring the message. The first time I heard ‘ . . the time for reinjuring myself by remembering old wounds is over’ I felt like I'd been hit between the eyes. I repeat it to everyone who needs to hear it (giving you credit, of course). While I still struggle, I hope I am improving ‘more and more’ on my emotional journey. Thank you for helping to guide my way.


30 Sep

We just found this recent posting under a Hot Research study on imagery and pain. It’s about how guided imagery helped someone with a lot of pain. We thought it was worth a second posting.  Here goes:

Well, I don't know how it works but it has for me.  I have Chronic JRA (juvenile rheumatoid arthritis) since age 5, in several large joints on the right side, and have only used stretching exercise and walking, as my father had done every morning for years.

I also used injections in my teens, a hot H20 bottle, and Ace bandages on my hand and knees, and once had the Emergency Room orthopedic doctor put a cast on my right hand (it worked, so far as the awful pain).

23 Sep

This note was handed to BR by a participant at a workshop:

Eight years ago I lost my son, Brian, when he was 23 years old.  Some time afterwards, I found your Grief imagery.  I listened to it many times over, and it was a lifeline.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

My experience with the imagery not only helped me with my loss, but inspired me to change careers.  I am now a hypnotherapist. Thank you again!

I am also a hospice volunteer and a monitor on an online grief support group.  I recommend imagery to all.  

J. C.

16 Sep

A friend sent me this enchanting video footage of a 7 year old boy conducting an orchestra in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.  The orchestra is accomplished, and this wonderful kid, who definitely looks like somebody’s idea of Christopher Robin, has talent and aplomb.  Check it out. The music is as fabulous as it’s familiar.

09 Sep

Thank you for the information in the book, Invisible Heroes. As a trauma survivor of many years who has worked long and hard to regain my normal life, I have been misunderstood, mis-diagnosed and mis-medicated. My symptoms confused me and made me fear for my sanity. The book explains what I have been experiencing and puts the remaining pieces of the puzzle together, including my chronic fatigue. It also underscores the triumph of what I have achieved in conquering my panic and numbness. I am grateful that the fields of psychiatry and psychology are finally figuring post-traumatic stress out.   -M.G.

02 Sep

Brooke van Poppelen writes a great description of the onset of her panic attacks and the way she overcame them.  It’s a witty, balanced and authentic telling of a story about a tough challenge, well fought and well won.

You can read her inspiring, entertaining tale (she’s a stand-up comic) here at her Lemondrop - Sweet, Tasty, Tart - blog.

26 Aug

My 37 year old daughter has suffered from terrible migraine headaches for most of her adult life, at least once or twice a month. She has been conked out on medication more times than I would like to count. The pain of these headaches is so strong that she misses a lot of work. All she can do is stay in bed and lie very still with the shades drawn and no noise. It’s heartbreaking to watch her in so much pain. She is my only child and the mother of my only 2 grandchildren.

I help with the housework and keeping the kids when the headaches come on her (her husband is pretty useless). Mostly it is a waiting game. All we could do was wait for them to go away.

19 Aug

BR got this note from the mom of a college sophomore at The University of Chicago, who suffers from anxiety but who was very skeptical of guided imagery as a self-regulation solution for her troubles.

Hi, Belleruth,

I learned so much from attending your workshop on Healing Trauma in Bethesda a few weeks ago! Thank you for an interesting, information-packed presentation. Little did I know that shortly after this workshop I would get my 19-year-old daughter to try your imagery. Over Thanksgiving she was home from the University of Chicago where she is a sophomore. Where she goes to college probably tells you what kind of person she is--smart, driven, perfectionistic, etc. etc.

12 Aug

Check out this totally self-possessed little crooner, merging utterly with the music she’s singing, while her Dad (I assume) plays guitar.  Holy cow!  Nothing more to say ‘til you see it.  Pretty magical and definitely inspiring!

Check out the video