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26 Jan

Remember C.J., the hockey playing guy who spent a lot of high school recovering from a very tough bone marrow transplant? Well, here’s what his Mom reports about him these days..
12 Jan

A young couple have their first baby, jointly participating in guided imagery, prenatal yoga and birth classes during the pregnancy. They made a great team and produced a great baby, of course..
05 Jan

A survivor of metastasized breast cancer tells her success story, 12 years after her diagnosis, thanks, she says, to excellent care, chemo, radiation therapy, bone marrow transplantation and guided imagery..
29 Dec

A pretty miraculous, O. Henry-type story from Terry Reed RN, co-director of Beyond Ordinary Nursing, sounds too good to be true, but we’re hoping it is (true) anyway..
22 Dec

We recently heard from a woman in prison, who organized a weekly guided imagery and journaling group for ten of her fellow inmates, a program that has become hugely successful and popular..
01 Dec

BR gets a note from a retired distributor who reports on the positive effects of guided imagery on a young breast cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy, all the way over in Finland..
03 Nov

A woman writes BR about how guided imagery helped her through her grief over losing her son, and how she went on to become a hypnotherapist and hospice volunteer…
27 Oct

Thanks to mindfulness practice and a good therapist, a broken-hearted and terrified woman, recently left by her husband of 28 years, finds new peace, courage and appreciation of herself…
20 Oct

Julie writes: When I was scheduled to take the bar exam for my THIRD time, I was so freaked out and demoralized from the first two failed attempts, I was a mental case…
06 Oct

One free, guided imagery tape helps a young woman through chemotherapy, lullabyes her and her roommate to sleep in their first year of college, and relaxes her worried mom, too…