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17 Dec

From what we can tell from sales here at Health Journeys, there’s an epidemic of sleep problems going on in this country – problems with falling asleep, staying asleep, getting deep, refreshing, quality sleep, falling back to sleep after waking up, and dealing with nightmares that interrupt sleep – all of it.

For years, Weight Loss was far and away our most popular title.  In fact, that one audio program sold so well, it helped underwrite a whole range of other titles needed by a much smaller, more targeted audience. These were topics we otherwise couldn’t have afforded to produce.  

But nowadays, even though our weight loss imagery is still very popular, our Healthful Sleep program has been outselling it handily for at least the past 5 years. America may still be obsessed by weight, but it’s evidently on its knees from insomnia.

10 Dec

This is a sweet, touching story that somebody sent around on Facebook.  It doesn’t tell you anything you don’t already know, but it’s a great reminder nonetheless.  NOTE TO MY KIDS: This is not a submerged message to you!  You’re already plenty thoughtful and caring!!

After 21 years of marriage, my wife told me to take another woman out to dinner and a movie. She said, "I love you, but I know this other woman loves you and would love to spend some time with you."

The other woman that my wife wanted me to visit was my MOTHER, who has been a widow for 19 years, but the demands of my work and three children made visiting difficult.

That night I invited her to go out for dinner and a movie. "What’s wrong, are you well?" she asked.

03 Dec

This story was reported on Huffington Post after a tourist snapped this photo and posted it, causing a viral sensation. Twenty-five year old NYPD Officer Larry DePrimo came across a barefoot man one frigid, Manhattan night, on Seventh Ave near 44th Street.

He’s reported to have said, "I had two pairs of wool winter socks and combat boots, and I was cold," so he asked him if he’d like some shoes and socks.  

The man replied, "I never had a pair of shoes," according to DePrimo, who's assigned to the Sixth Precinct and has been on the force nearly three years.

So he walked over to a shoe store on 42nd Street and shelled out $75 for insulated winter boots and thermal socks. He returned to the man, knelt down and put the footwear on him.

"He smiled from ear to ear," DePrimo said. "It was like you gave him a million dollars."

The officer asked the man if he wanted a cup of coffee, but he declined and went on his way.

"I didn't think anything of it," DePrimo said of his kindness.

But during dinner that night, he got a text message from a friend. The photo had gone viral.

"I was absolutely shocked," he said.
I see random acts of kindness like this on the streets of New York all the time, along with all the cranky, impatient, smartass behavior you’re more likely to hear about.  Underneath those prickly exteriors, cultivated with such wit and pride, there is usually a big heart to be found.  I love that.

26 Nov

We got this note attached to an order for several CDs.  

This massage therapist would appreciate hearing from any other practitioners who have some experience with combining guided imagery with their massotherapy or energy/biofield therapy practice.  So please post something if you have the time.  Here is his note:

I’m a massage therapist with a large, long-standing practice outside of Minneapolis. I always say that I’m always learning from my clients.  Last week I most definitely did. 

A new client brought the Healing Trauma CD with her, for me to play while I worked on her.  Clients bring in their favorite music to sessions from time to time, but this was the first request I’d gotten to play guided imagery during a session.

It proved to be a powerful experience for both of us.  The work I did was deepened and further potentiated by the imagery.  I suspect that the imagery experience was deepened and further potentiated by the deep tissue massage and acupoint work I was providing. 

It was a real eye opener. I intend to experiment more with using guided imagery in my massotherapy practice with selected clients.  I would like to hear from any other practitioners  who have experiences with this combination.

Thank you in advance.
Surya D.

19 Nov

We just came across this letter from a decade ago, describing the healing impact guided imagery can have on old trauma we aren’t even aware we’re carrying.  It doesn’t happen this dramatically all the time – usually the gains are more subtle and incremental, and kind of sneak up on you.  But it happens often enough, especially when the timing is right and a lot of inner work has already been done.
We thought this was a hopeful reminder.  So, here it is, with a little bit of paring down and a switch from the specific to the generic when the identifying info was too specific:

12 Nov

This is a terrific story, beautifully written and uplifting to read.  It’s made me think a lot about the heart-opening, surprise value of taking time for others without having planned to do so, especially when it’s for a stranger.  When I’ve done things like this, it’s always seemed to have done as much for me as it has for the other guy.  We found this at this website.

Here it is, verbatim:

Twenty years ago, I drove a cab for a living. One time I arrived in the middle of the night for a pick up at a building that was dark except for a single light in a ground floor window.
Under these circumstances, many drivers would just honk once or twice, wait a minute, then drive away. But I had seen too many impoverished people who depended on taxis as their only means of transportation. Unless a situation smelled of danger, I always went to the door. This passenger might be someone who needs my assistance, I reasoned to myself. So I walked to the door and knocked.

02 Nov

We got this beautiful note from an incest survivor expressing appreciation for the imagery on the Weight Loss audio.  She told us that the body-friendly imagery on it was oblique, indirect and non-threatening enough to help her with the deeply held traumatic issues, in ways that more direct sexual abuse meditations could not. This is a great reminder that there are many ways to get the job of healing done.

Dear Belleruth,
An unexpected benefit for me of your Weight Loss CD came in relation to my healing from lifelong incest.  Because of being intensely uncomfortable in my body, all the self-help meditations directly addressing the sexual abuse, and all the inner child CDs were too frightening for me.  

But the imagery of friendliness and appreciation towards the body was gently and remarkably healing for me in the Weight Loss meditation. 

28 Oct

Cheryl got this note from a yoga instructor who works with a class of Montessori preschoolers (3-5 year olds).  I loved seeing what she had to say about the calm, focused attention Steve Kohn’s music produces in her squeezers, because it has the same effect on me.  

I try to play it while writing and thinking at my computer, because it always helps me focus my attention and feel good as I work, but it doesn’t call attention to itself and interfere with my concentrating on the task at hand.  I swear, it takes stress and worry out of writing.

22 Oct

Cheryl just got this enthusiastic note from a happy, relieved post-surgical patient in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, following a 12-hour bilateral tram flap reconstructive surgery (construction of the breast from the lower abdominal skin and fatty tissue.

Dear Cheryl,

Just a quick note to let you know how effective the downloads on "Successful Surgery" have been for me.

I had major surgery (Bilateral Tram Flap Reconstruction – which is reconstruction of the breast following a mastectomy) which took 12 hours to perform last month.  My recovery was nothing short of amazing. The doctors and other health professionals said my recovery was very impressive compared to others who had had this sort of surgery done.

I am certain that by listening to the downloads twice a day (for one month before surgery), during my 9 day stay in hospital, and still listening even now (3 weeks post surgery) I am still enjoying the rewards of healing and pain management, as well as having a positive mental attitude.

Please pass on my sincerest gratitude to Belleruth.  It truly works and I will be telling anyone else who is having surgery to use the downloads.

Many thanks,

Kindest regards,

Miranda K. from Brisbane

15 Oct

We thought this was a wonderfully creative use of our guided imagery for Hospice and Palliative Care, which guides the listener through the process of taking care of unfinished business, leaving loved ones and life as we know it.  

Check out what this therapist did in working with a mother suffering from traumatic grief of 2 years duration, in the wake of her son’s suicide.

Hi Belleruth,

We met in December when I took your workshop at the last NICABM conference in Hilton Head.

I just wanted to let you know that your Hospice CD, was very helpful with a client of mine who has been grieving her beloved son's suicide for over 2 years.

I asked her to listen to the guided meditation as his proxy, imagining him being able to go through the journey on it.  She was transformed after doing so.

Your work touches many lives! Thanks for all you do.