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10 Sep

Listening to guided imagery helped me so much 4 years ago when I was dealing with breast cancer. I am a cancer thriver today, even though the chemicals were debilitating, I never missed a night of sleep using that chemo CD and restful sleep CD.

I found in the process that I was more auditory, and use affirmations now. Guided imagery helped but was a little more difficult for me to do.

These audio programs and the experience of cancer profoundly affected my life, so that each day I wake up with gratitude. I also continue to find the daily, mundane tasks in life so profound. This has not changed in four years and I do not believe it will for the rest of my life (and I plan to live a long time).

03 Sep

We were drawn to this endearing picture of these wee, snuggling preemies in an incubator, and then read the story that came with it.  Here it is:
In the first week of life for this set of twins, each was in her respective incubator. One was not expected to survive.

A hospital nurse (with a brain and a heart) defied hospital rules and placed the babies together in the same incubator. (Hello-o!  Isn’t this what they’re used to?) When they were put together, the healthier of the two managed to put an arm over her sister in a sweet embrace.  

Not long after, the smaller baby's heart rate stabilized and her temperature rose to normal.

Something tells me these sisters will be very close, growing up… don’t you think?

27 Aug

Adam at Ease is a video blog created by former Army Sergeant Adam Anicich, a current Department of Veterans Affairs employee, a service-disabled vet, and someone living with a brain injury.

He now works as the assistant director of the Congressional Liaison Service for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), where he and his team communicate the Secretary’s initiatives to members of Congress, provide information on all programs and services the VA provides, annually resolve over 21,000 Congressional Inquiries dealing from casework to policy, and act as on-site liaisons between 541 members of Congress and the VA.  As a former Army Sergeant and polytrauma patient, he’s uniquely qualified to identify and communicate the needs of our vets to Congress.

And he’s getting married this fall.  

In this video, he tells the story of his injury and recovery. His blog is filled with practical tips for day to day coping with brain injury, and provides a lot of support and inspiration.  Check it out!

20 Aug

Hi BR...

I had learned from you about, and then found, the opportunity to take the  Dr Paul Lam's Tai Chi for Arthritis Instructor/Leader Course with Dr. K as my Master Trainer.  It was and continues to be a life changin' experience! 

I don't have arthritis, tho' I do have creaky knees from ski injuries and my original born-with em' knock knees.  Wore corrective shoes all during grade school...hated the d....  things. 

My docs promised me that someday I would understand and be glad and that day came for sure! 

I actually took the training for my work on stress and focus.  I now know it has been another piece of my healing from PTS and on so many levels. 


13 Aug

Dear Belleruth Napastek (sic),

I have to tell you of the wonderful support you have offered me. The chemo meditation is terrific. I was diagnosed with appendicial cancer, Stage 4, in early March of this year.  I thank you for your amazing Chemotherapy imagery. I could have not done the last 2 chemo infusions without it, plus using the Chemo-Related Fatigue meditation as well, before the next surgery.

I started FOLFOX chemo in April for 5 sessions, over 10 weeks.  Gained 10 pounds. Go figure!

The amazing news is that the type of signet ring cancer cells that I have, only respond to chemotherapy in about 5% of the cases.  

However, when I recently underwent HIPEC (heated infusion of chemo) in the abdomen, the only thing the surgeon could find was some OLD DEAD cancer cells on my lower intestines.

So I was one of the 5% percent.   But we knew that. .....

The words and power behind the guided mediation has resonated right down to my DNA.  Not too shabby for a woman who is healing seven generations of my family, with limited personal knowledge of who my ancestors were.

Thank you again for the amazing impact on my life, my healing.

Sincerely, my prayers that God continues to keep you in your highest good.

Felicia from Warrington, PA

06 Aug

We were very pumped to see this posting in response to Traci Stein’s first recording effort for us – her CDs for Healthy Self-Esteem and Self-Esteem during Sleep are doing just what they were designed to do, according to J.C. here… (we do not mess with these ratings – what you see is what we got, for better or for worse!)

First, let me say that I’m new to imagery and wasn’t sure it would work for me.  But I have a very stressful job, and this can be really tough on my confidence. The stress also really interferes with my sleep.

So, I downloaded both the
Healthy Self-Esteem and Self-Esteem during Sleep, and I noticed that within about 2 days I was sleeping MUCH better, and within a week I was feeling much more confident in general.

Also, I really loved her voice and found it extremely soothing.

What’s strange is that after a minute or two I barely noticed what she was saying, but I still felt calmer and more positive overall. I would DEFINITELY recommend these.

Healthy Self-Esteem  July 27, 2012  Reviewed by: J.C.

30 Jul

Debbie Phillips, the generous, inspiring and very fun dame who founded Women on Fire, has a marvelous story from her own life about her embarrassment over some new braces, an interview with Gloria Vanderbilt (yes, that would be the designer jeans lady and Anderson Cooper’s Mom) and the lessons learned therein.  It’s a great story.

It’s also a terrific glimpse at two remarkable women and gives you an idea of the mutual support and power of Debbie’s organization.  I actually got so into the story that I proceeded to watch the entire TV show where Anderson Cooper tells the story of his mother’s life, which is pretty astounding in and of itself.

You can find the story here (both of them, actually), on Debbie’s site.  Enjoy!

23 Jul

We were tickled pink to discover this personal story in the product review section of our Diabetes imagery page.  And it’s consistent with the research, as well as with other reports we’ve been given, from patients, docs and certified diabetes educators. By implementing some proactive relaxation strategies, this woman was able to lower the dosage of the medications she was taking to control her diabetes.  

Here’s what Katha posted:

I am a diabetic who has been taking insulin, Glucophage and Prandin for the past 3 years to control my blood sugar. I decided to run a little experiment to see if meditating could reduce my need for these medications, which I am not happy about taking. This is especially true of the shots.

My nurse told me that regular relaxation might possibly reduce my blood sugar. I started three new relaxing activities which I had never tried before. I joined a hatha yoga class that meets three times a week at the community center. I also started listening to either the Health Journeys Diabetes imagery or the General Wellness imagery, in the morning and the evening.
I am not sure how far this will take me, but last week, my nurse-educator told me that I am definitely taking too much medication, and that we will have to start cutting it down!
16 Jul

Dear Belleruth,
I was so anxious about my upcoming knee replacement surgery at the end of April that my friend recommended your guided meditation and affirmations.  I listened faithfully to the guided meditation for a week or so before the surgery and continued afterward with the affirmations and sometimes the meditation for about 5 or 6 weeks.  (I skipped 2 or 3 days about week #3 after the surgery and became quite distressed.  I was quickly reminded to listen again.)
The surgery went well and I had very little anxiety through my hospital stay and recovery period.  At the six-week follow up appointment, the surgeon said that I was at the point of healing that most people take three months to reach.  I "graduated" from physical therapy last week and my progress was excellent -- my measurements exceeded the goals and my scar has healed nicely.  I even lost 5 pounds!

09 Jul

A friend sent this piece about the work of Yehuda Duenyas, 38, who calls himself, “a creator of innovative experiences”. 

Part art installation, part geekazoidal techno-fest, part amusement park ride and part spiritual journey, this marriage between meditation, performance art, neuro-feedback, and over-the-top production values (comparable perhaps to Roger Waters recent performance of The Wall at Fenway Park??) is something to behold.  It’s called The Ascent and it was in Brooklyn until last week.

Bottom line:  users get to harness their brain’s own electrical impulses, measured through EEG readings, to levitate themselves... the ultimate form of biofeedback, you could say.  Focus your mind on nothingness and the colors turn blue while you ascend.  Get distracted, down you go in a red haze.   You can read about Ariel Kaminer’s experience here.  What a kick!