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Note to Colleges: a Sleep Download for Every Freshman

20 Sep
I am a college sophomore who has used audio programs to help me sleep since freshman year.  It is a much better thing to do than pills.  It works.  It keeps me from being tired and in a bad mood all day. I study better. My advisor suggested I post this, to inform others.

My father is a counselor. He knew I would be anxious when I first left home and went to college, so he sent me to school with 2 sleep downloads on my MP3, and some relaxation downloads. It is the sleep tracks I use most.

Having these tools had a side benefit. They helped me make friends in the dorm the first year, because I shared them with others.  It was a great ice breaker. Now, two of those people are still my good friends. 

People don’t get how common sleep trouble is for college kids.  Many students have trouble with sleep. This affects everything else we do, including grades. I even told the counseling office that they should give downloads out to students during orientation week. I was just lucky that my Dad knew about it.

Sandra O.