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Our New Guided Imagery Catalog is on the Way

07 May

A little excitement for a Monday morning, here at HJ. We got our first look at the new Summer 2013 Health Journeys catalog. Wow, so many new things and tried and true things. So much to look at, beginning with Dr. Traci Stein’s new Guided Self Hypnosis to Help Free Yourself from Procrastination. Also new at HJ: Dr. Stuart McCalley’s Overcoming Stress-Related Insomnia, Dr. Emmett Miller’s Inner Child Healing, Dr. Rubin Naiman’s The Yoga of Sleep and a beautiful music Cd by Chris Theriault, aptly named Relaxation and Recovery-just to name a few.

When you get your new catalog, which you will and quite soon, take a look at all the new items for kids and teens.  For example, Mellisa Dormoy has three new titles for kids, guided imagery to help them deal with grief, anger and concentration. When I looked through the new catalog, I wanted to order one of everything, for myself, my friends, my so-deserving kids, even the person who cuts my hair. If you are not on our list, click here to order a catalog.

Maggie DeMellier

Maggie DeMellier has been Health Journeys go-to customer service representative and marketing associate since March 2012. She worked as a surgical technician and pharmacy technician before she earned a BA in Mass Media Communication at The University of Akron. She operates a freelance writing business, specializing in medical ads, news articles, police blotters, features and business writing.  She was a teacher at a career college for six years, and earned a MA in Forensic Psychology in 2010. Maggie is the co-author of Parenting by Law or Grace, published by Synchronisity Press, in 2004.