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02 Jun

Hello Belleruth,

I have been in college for quite some time. As an adult, I went back to school at a later age. I recently discovered I have PTSD and have been using your guided imagery for that with great success.

However, I have another problem. It seems as I get closer to graduating I get increasingly more self-sabotaging. So, do you have any guided imagery tracks that can help with self-sabotage? I mean preventing it! Thank you.

James D.

08 Apr

Dear Belleruth,

I want to make a living at public speaking.  I am interested in the wholistic field and have a natural presence in front of an audience.   I feel that I could influence people in a positive manor.  I want to help change lives like you do.  What do you suggest?


17 Mar

This 5K happened last summer, but the hero is awesome and the story is timeless.  It takes a very special kind of person to let go of striving to win, right smack in the middle of a competition, in order to look after a kid.  Check this out. Here’s the piece from the Huffington Post.

While running in The Jeff Drench Memorial 5K in Charlevoix, Mich., Lance Corporal Myles Kerr stopped to help out a young boy struggling to finish the race. Kerr, 19, put aside his ambition to beat his fellow Marines and instead helped motivate 9 year-old Brandon Fuchs, who lost his party during the race, to make it to the finish line.

According to the 5K results online, the Marine ended up with the slowest time in his age group.

13 Jan

With a little help from some calming guided imagery, an exam-phobic social worker is able to comfortably take her state licensing exam and pass it with flying colors, after 6 previous failed attempts…

Here is what she wrote us:

Dearest Everyone at Health Journeys,

Thanks to you all, I passed my LISW (Licensed Independent Social Worker) test, after SIX previous attempts!!!!  I was able to practice seeing myself calming down, relaxing, and working in a focused manner.  I was able to take my time and THINK. And instead of the panicky feeling, I became more and more confident as I took the test.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!

Marlene S., ACSW, LISW, LCSW :)
29 Dec

Dear Belleruth,

I am preparing for my certification test in Rehabilitation Counseling.  I am ADHD and have some test anxiety.  I have used several of your guided imagery CDs and want to know which one might be of most benefit to me in my preparation for this exam.


21 Oct

Investigators from the School of Medicine, University of Szeged in Szeged, Hungary, looked into the mechanism whereby hypnosis boosts human learning.
It is known in a general way that learning and memory depend on different cognitive systems that are related to separate and distinct brain structures. These systems interact, not only in cooperative ways to optimize performance, but also sometimes in competitive ways.
Previous studies have shown that by reducing the engagement of frontal lobe-mediated explicit attentional processes, improved performance can result in striatum-related procedural learning.

14 Oct

Researchers from the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit in Cambridge, UK, took a first step in identifying a cognitive marker for optimism that could provide a modifiable target for innovative interventions to promote optimism, which research has already shown can benefit general well-being and mental and physical health.
They hypothesized that the ability to generate vivid positive mental imagery of the future would be associated with an optimistic disposition.

A community sample of 237 participants completed a survey comprising measures of mental imagery and optimism, along with socio-demographic information.

30 Sep


Could you recommend one of your CD's that could help me with my lack of household organizational skills???



You know, Janey, this may be one of the few instances when I think guided imagery wouldn’t be such a great help… or at least not the first place to turn to.

It seems to me that organizing yourself better around your household chores would require more left-brain skills, not a dreamy guided imagery or hypnosis approach. 

16 Sep

Hi. I am a former professional tennis player. I would like to know if you have any tennis CDs for kids.  I would like to help them attune their minds to have fun with tennis.  We all learn a system of technique – the footwork and strokes and so forth. But I would like to teach kids a system for playing from the heart, tranquil, happy, relaxed and joyful.

By the way, thank you for your CDs.  i just replaced my hip and the Successful Surgery was a big hit with me. Thank you for that. 

Please let me know about the kids.  Take care.  

Emilse Longo (Ed. Note:  We only use the writer’s actual name when specifically told that it’s okay to do so, as we were told by Emilse)

16 Sep

A friend sent me this enchanting video footage of a 7 year old boy conducting an orchestra in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.  The orchestra is accomplished, and this wonderful kid, who definitely looks like somebody’s idea of Christopher Robin, has talent and aplomb.  Check it out. The music is as fabulous as it’s familiar.