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Posttraumatic Stress (PTSD)

Posttraumatic Stress (PTSD) (276)

06 Dec

A woman who has suffered from posttraumatic stress for 20 years asks if she will ever feel okay again, or have a normal life. She is wary of feeling too hopeful, and having her hopes smashed..
22 Nov

A veteran of The Vietnam War swears by his yoga practice, saying that it was his regular practice of yoga, before, during and after the war that helped him to conquer his posttraumatic stress..
15 Nov

Another reader of Invisible Heroes - a trauma survivor of 20 years - expresses her sense of validation, relief, de-isolation and hope for the future after reading the book..
11 Oct

A counselor and spiritual director asks: I would like to attend the Healing Trauma conference in NJ or DC, but cannot get back East. Meantime, I would like to attend either the Faces conference in San Diego or the Academy for Guided Imagery conference in Asilomar. Which do you recommend?
28 Jun

A survivor of sadistic abuse and (apparently) severe mental illness wants other survivors to know that they can not only survive posttraumatic stress, but find meaning, joy and purpose..
12 Apr

A therapist who already uses imagery and does Inner Child work asks about other ways to help survivors of severe abuse, particularly those suffering from excruciating body memories and flashbacks..
22 Mar

A man, stunned by the sudden death of his wife from a drunk driver, describes how therapy and guided imagery have helped him begin to regain his energy and reclaim his life..
16 Feb

A woman diagnosed with PTSD as the result of a mugging several months earlier, turns around her distressing symptoms with the help of a little Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing..
08 Dec

Julie asks, "Before my traumatic experience, I meditated frequently, but now I find I want to jump out of my skin whenever I try to sit. What is this?"
06 Oct

A psychotherapist wants to know when Belleruth’s new book on Imagery and traumatic stress will be available, or if there is some other material she can use in the meantime…