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Professional E-Newsletter Volume 4

Professional E-Newsletter Volume 4 (2)

10 May


Over the past several years, there has been a surge of interest in the topic of self-compassion, and for good reason. So many people find it easy to feel compassion for others, but have difficulty being compassionate toward themselves. Self-criticism and harsh judgments can be difficult habits to break. Yet, the research on self-compassion has found that the practice has a number of benefits. These include enhanced compassion for others, increased personal motivation, decreased distress, and greater optimism and self-worth.

Dr. Kristin Neff, a pioneer in self-compassion research, states that the three elements of self-compassion are: self-kindness, common humanity, and mindfulness. Self-kindness refers to acknowledging our own suffering and responding with caring, patience, and acceptance - much as we would be patient and kind toward another. Recognizing our common humanity involves understanding that everyone has ups and downs, strengths and challenges, and feelings of self-judgment, but that each of us is far more than any of these. Our own foibles and errors simply make us human. Finally, a mindfulness practice enables us to sit with whatever is going on in the present, without judging it, attaching to it, or pushing it away. Mindfulness is key to being in the gift of the present moment and breathing through suffering.

10 May

The two new Self-Compassion audio programs Traci mentions here, as well as her third new title, Mindfulness Meditations: Finding Peace & Perspective in the Present Moment, will be available in CD format by May 16th. As you probably know, they're already available as downloads.  We’ve been eagerly awaiting these superb, new hard copies in our warehouse, ever since Traci first recorded them in her impeccable style, and you can find full descriptions in our new catalog, just released last month.

Finally, we have plenty of new print catalogs, as well as guided imagery prescription pads and smart, new bookmarks for you and those you serve, so please let me know if you’d like a supply shipped to you!

Everyone here at Health Journeys hopes you know how much we appreciate the critical work you do.  Our professionals are the backbone of our company, and we want support you in any way we can.

Happy Spring!