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Have Our Blogs Lived In Your Google Reader?

08 Jul

We love our blog subscribers so much!  We know that most of you use email to receive our weekly blog updates, but we also know that not a few of you have used Google Reader - probably for years. And if you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for our e-news here and receive some fantastic free imagery!

Just why Google decided to ditch this much-loved project is beyond us. It was popular, up in numbers (contrary to their adamant reports otherwise), yet this organizing, handy resource is no more. And thankfully, even though it went dark on July 1st, you can still retrieve your data and lists via Google Takeout through July 15th. Read about this Google feature here.

There are so many great blogs and newsfeeds out there, and frankly, we find it difficult to keep up with them all.  With the death of Google Reader, we thought we’d give you a few alternatives to look into – because perhaps, you’re just as lost as some of us:

  • Feedly: Around since 2008, this one is our favorite. There’s lots of customization available here, and we like how it approximates the use and ease of the old Google Reader.
  • Digg: As a company, they’ve been around the block.  However, they are new to the RSS readers.  Regardless of whether you had an old Digg account, you’ll need to sign up for a new one for RSS feeds. It’s simple, streamlined, and flows effortlessly to your Facebook and Twitter accounts for sharing your favorite posts.
  • AOL Reader: We don’t know about you, but whenever we see an AOL email address or product, we hear the old dial-up voice in our head saying, “You’ve Got Mail!”. But hey, retro is in, right? This reader is a new product by the old brass at AOL, has a clean and minimal look, and will also easily share your favorite posts across social media.
  • NetNewsWire 4: Just in beta, this reader is making plenty of waves.  It is a multi-tasker’s dream, with multiple tabs, easy to use bookmarks, and fantastic searching features. And it’s wicked fast.

Do you use an RSS reader? Which one will you, or have you switched to?  Thanks for remembering and when you do!


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