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Made in the USA: Ohio Company Provides Wellness Services World Wide

05 Jan

We, at Health Journeys have had a very good year, thanks to you. For those of you who are new to Health Journeys, here is a brief description of our company, followed by Health Journeys’ Top Ten Titles from 2013, a list of our top selling audio programs.

Health Journeys’ founder and author of more than 60 of the company’s audio programs, Cleveland psychotherapist Belleruth Naparstek, is a guided imagery innovator. Her Health Journeys audio series has sold more than a million copies worldwide.

Health Journeys employs local talent and providers of services, such as graphics and information technology. Our audio programs are recorded at Audio Recording Studios in Northeast Ohio, the same studio where the Cleveland Orchestra is recorded, and they are produced in Ohio or North Carolina.

Telephone calls are answered by well-trained, caring staff members who go above and beyond to make customers happy. Our programs are supported by a seasoned and passionate team who consistently provide outstanding customer service, disseminate invaluable information and produce solid ideas.  Not only are our phones answered by ‘humans’ but our orders are processed promptly and shipped quickly – orders received by 1 PM are usually processed and shipped the same day.

Health Journeys’ guided imagery audio programs have been used in more than two dozen clinical trials designed to test the efficacy of guided imagery. Naparstek’s Healing Trauma was used in a Scripps Hospital study last year to test a combination of guided imagery and healing touch as a modality to treat PTS symptoms in a group of combat-exposed, active duty Marines at Camp Pendleton. The study showed significant improvement in symptoms after just three weeks of the combined, mind-body treatment regimen. The results support previous findings using the Healing Trauma imagery program in a Duke University study with women veterans suffering from longstanding PTS and military sexual trauma. Belleruth’s Stop Smoking, Successful Surgery and Healthful Sleep have also been used in studies supporting the efficacy of guided imagery.

Health Journeys continues to produce new programs to keep pace with the increasing interests of its users. In 2013, Belleruth Naparstek released two new audio programs, a guided meditation for Traumatic Brain Injury and a guided meditation to help with Concentration, Focus & Learning (Including ADD, ADHD & LD). In addition, the company welcomed noted clinical psychologist Dr. Traci Stein to its roster of mind-body practitioners and produced her new audio programs, Healthy Self Esteem, Self Esteem during Sleep and Guided Self-Hypnosis to Free Yourself from Procrastination.
If you are the creator of a professionally-produced program you feel would be a good addition to our product offerings, you are welcome to mail us a sample we can keep for consideration by our review committee.

As always, we love hearing from you, and we appreciate your feedback and suggestions

Health Journeys’ Top Ten titles of 2013

Healthful Sleep
Relieve Stress
Relaxation & Wellness
Successful Surgery
Healing Trauma (PTS)
Relieve Depression
Weight Loss
Ease Pain
Panic Attacks
Anger & Forgiveness


Maggie DeMellier

Maggie DeMellier has been Health Journeys go-to customer service representative and marketing associate since March 2012. She worked as a surgical technician and pharmacy technician before she earned a BA in Mass Media Communication at The University of Akron. She operates a freelance writing business, specializing in medical ads, news articles, police blotters, features and business writing.  She was a teacher at a career college for six years, and earned a MA in Forensic Psychology in 2010. Maggie is the co-author of Parenting by Law or Grace, published by Synchronisity Press, in 2004.