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Meet the Health Journeys Staff - Maggie DeMellier

06 Mar

“Health Journeys. . . This is Maggie.” If you have called Health Journeys recently, I might have spoken to you. Speaking to you is one of my favorite things to do here at HJ. I am writing this to introduce you to this blog, and I will begin by introducing myself.

When I joined Health Journeys last March, my all-time favorite thing was familiarizing myself with the products. I think Belleruth is awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to all her programs and I was happy to find that we also carry products by some of my favorite authors, and we continue to offer new products, which I also get to enjoy, as part of my job. I simply could not wait for Traci Stein’s procrastination CD (I also love puns).

It’s not all fun and guided imagery for me here. I do work, after all.  I take orders, prepare international shipments, respond to messages, dabble with writing, editing and do myriad other things to make sure you receive your orders as quickly as possible. I love that we are so much about customer service here, and that’s a big part of my job.

In short, I do what needs to be done at the moment. It is like the Zen philosophy of chopping wood and carrying water. If you look at that philosophy and apply it to your job, it helps you focus on what you are doing at the time and go home feeling really good about what you have done.

I like it when I answer the phone and I hear, “Oh, it’s an actual person, that’s so nice.” I completely understand that, and it makes me chuckle.  For my Toastmasters club, I made a humorous speech called, The Attack of the Robots, about the electronic voices we all have to deal with on a daily basis.

Before coming to HJ, I was a teacher in a career college. I taught writing and public speaking and also health care classes like pharmacology and microbiology (yes, I come across as a germ phobe, but I know those things are real!). I am a student of meditation and a member of the local Shambhala meditation center.  Though I have been meditating for years, I always consider myself a beginner. Sometimes my mind runs away like a wayward puppy, and I have to keep bringing it back.

After getting my Master’s degree, while working full-time and being a freelance writer on the side (whew!) I was part of a corporate downsizing and lost my teaching job. What followed was a series of unexpected twists, turns and dips that made me feel like I was riding a roller coaster without a seat belt. All I could do was hold on.

The important thing is that I landed here, and I am happy. So the lesson is that when life takes those unexpected turns, if you trust and go with the flow (yes, I am a tree-hugging, animal-loving 70’s child) you will eventually get to the right place, and wherever you are in your life, it is always the beginning.  Please join us in beginning the Health Journeys Blog. It is your place and ours, and do feel free to call us—there are no robots here.

Maggie DeMellier

Maggie DeMellier has been Health Journeys go-to customer service representative and marketing associate since March 2012. She worked as a surgical technician and pharmacy technician before she earned a BA in Mass Media Communication at The University of Akron. She operates a freelance writing business, specializing in medical ads, news articles, police blotters, features and business writing.  She was a teacher at a career college for six years, and earned a MA in Forensic Psychology in 2010. Maggie is the co-author of Parenting by Law or Grace, published by Synchronisity Press, in 2004.