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Check Out These Wonderful New CDs and DVDs!

15 Mar

Hello again, everyone.  We have a goodly supply of really fine, new, experiential resources for you.

For starters, in Radiant Heart Yoga, (a 35 minute DVD), Shiva Rea, a master teacher of vinyasa, or flow yoga, offers a wonderful set of three simple, do-able yoga practices for beginners, that not only help you become more supple and stronger, but contain impressive psychological and spiritual depth too. The first is designed to generate love and compassion; the second, relaxation and inner peace; and the third, to promote energy, joy & vitality. It’s all shot beautifully, with the usual, impeccable production values that Acadia always delivers.

A terrific accompaniment to Shiva Rea’s work is Step-by-Step Tai Chi with Tiffany Chen – I’m a big fan, because it provides a daily fitness ritual that’s sophisticated and elegant, but suitable for even my lame fitness level – a winning combo if you ask me.  This champion (literally) Tai Chi teacher has a totally appealing, engaging, easy-to-follow teaching style, and again, this Acadia DVD is beautifully shot, with great sound. 

We get a ton of requests for good relaxation and imagery in Spanish.  Luckily, Jim Porter has produced a lovely CD that introduces simple, user-friendly relaxation and stress reduction in Spanish to a wide audience. Dr. Nora Porter's lovely, calming voice offers a fine introduction and five ways to relax: breathing exercises, progressive relaxation, sound meditation, body scanning, and deep relaxation, followed by 5 pieces of music alone – Un Dia Lejos Del Estres is effective for sophisticated meditators and newcomers alike.

The original Sound-and-Music-for-Healing mavin and pioneer is Jonathan Goldman.  In Vocal Toning the Chakras, he’s produced a terrific 2-CD set that shows how we can use toning to entrain different frequencies in the body for balance and alignment, in the Hindu tradition.  This guy masterfully presents fascinating mini-lectures, followed by toning and mantra instruction for each of the Chakras –led by his own resonant voice and a chorus of male and female voices. A silent meditation follows.  It’s a great set of exercises that really moves energy around.

The minute we decided to incorporate humor as a powerful, healing tool for our list of experiential, guided resources, we knew exactly where to turn: Life is Short: Wear Your Party Pants with Loretta LaRoche.   Only our girl, Loretta, can present cogent pointers about worry and stress as stand-up comedy, and she's so hilarious, each belly laugh will bump your biochemistry back to its original state of resilience and balance.  Trust us on this. Loretta's stress-buster is a lovely alternate to meditation and shouldn't be missed.

Okay, take care and be well!

All best,

Belleruth Naparstek

Psychotherapist, author and guided imagery pioneer Belleruth Naparstek is the creator of the popular Health Journeys guided imagery audio series. Her latest book on imagery and posttraumatic stress, Invisible Heroes: Survivors of Trauma and How They Heal (Bantam Dell), won the Spirituality & Health Top 50 Books Award